Monday, Monday

Oh Mondays. You are seriously the worst ever! Especially after I have a nice relaxing weekend like this past weekend…ugh. Oh well, it’s a good thing that more often than not, I love my job!

Yesterday we went to meet the 3 new goats. Laverne, Shirley, and Rammykins (named by my brother…he also named one of the 2 that my parents also already had, his name is Chomby. lol.) The other remaining goat that my mom named is Casper, because he has a big ghost-like white print on one side of him. They are so cute! Look!

SO MANY GOATS. Laverne in front left, Shirly on right, Casper in middle/back.


So yeah, they are really cute. They are eating machines, I’m telling you–they literally like cleared out 1/2 of that brushy area in those pics within the like 30-40 minutes that we were at the farm, lol. Also, they are so friendly! One of them (Rammykins) is literally like a dog, he will follow us around and nag us to pet him. So so cute!

I had been having weird stomach issues yesterday, so I was trying not to eat too much. Before we went to the farm, I ate 1/2 a macadamia nut Clif bar (omg these must have crack in them because they are SO SO good) before my 2 mile interval workout. Basically, the workout sandwiches some firming/strength training segments in between some hardcore cardio, so it’s a great workout. I give myself 5 points for that workout as I am doing strength + cardio and sweating a lot! I did the whole 37 min video, I think the Clif bar helped with that. I’ve noticed that when I eat a Clif bar 10-15 min before working out that I have a lot more sustained energy than if I don’t!

Last night, I had made shredded taco chicken in the crock pot for dinner. I decided to make these into big quesadillas for dinner, at about 15 points each. They were super yummy! Patrick loved it as well, so it was a winner. (By the way, the chicken is super easy to make…3-5 chicken breasts in the crockpot, throw in a jar of salsa and a package of taco seasoning, stir, cook on low for 6-8 hrs or high for 4-6 and BOOM shredded taco chicken!)

We went over to our friends’ house to watch Dexter last night–we had to catch up on 2 episodes before watching the most current but DAMN is it crazy! OMG Deb is such a hot mess too which is really sad but I mean let’s be honest it was pretty inevitable…I had one 8oz Bud “Lime-A-Rita” (which I obviously choose to call “beergarita”) for 3 points while watching Dexter and I was done with points for the day–didn’t go over, woohoo! These beergaritas are my new favorite booze because:

1. They’re beer + margarita. Um, what.

2. Don’t know if y’all know this, but regular margs are 15 POINTS EACH. Double what.

3. They’re only 3 points for an 8 oz can, and if you pour it over ice it feels like a full full glass!!

At any rate, yesterday was a good day. Back to reality today and we had a big open house program on campus–over 114 families signed up (which for a university of only 2100 undergrads is a HUGE program). That was pretty tiring, so now I’m just trying to catch up on some other work. I’m going to the gym tonight after work and the hubby is meeting me there, yay! Gonna put in some time on the treadmill, 30 min or more depending on how long it takes me to go for 2 miles or a bit longer without dying. I reeeeeally need to go to the grocery tonight as I am completely out of fruits and veggies and need them for snacks at work, but I might get lazy. I got a dozen eggs from my mom yesterday so I was planning on making an easy quiche for dinner, at 5 points per serving.

I also weighed in at work this morning for the Biggest Loser competition–244.5 lbs…BOO FOR CLOTHES AND EATING BREAKFAST BEFORE WEIGHING IN!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday–it’s almost not Monday anymore!!


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