It’s here!

I got my Quantum Scale in the mail yesterday, woohoo! I immediately pulled it out of the package last night and look how pretty it is!:

My fave color is green :)

My fave color is green 🙂

I of course was quite eager to calibrate and weigh myself on this thing and then re-weigh to see how accurate it actually is. So, I figured out how to program it (very easy, just read the directions!) and stepped on it with all my clothes on. I usually weigh without clothes on, so I figured I’d take them off and see what the difference was. Well, I programmed it wrong at first and ended up just weighing with my clothes on, which wasn’t an issue–since I don’t know how much my clothes actually weighed, I’m not sure if I’d really be able to tell how accurate it was. So I decided to pick up my dog (Clara) and stand with her on the scale to see what the difference was. When I programmed it correctly this time, it stored my weight without showing me the number (!) and I stepped on again with Clara. Sure enough, it said + 28.2 lbs. DANG she is kind of a fatty fat dog; I bet if she went to the vet he/she’d want her to lose weight…oh well. I must admit that we are really bad at getting our dogs exercise–we don’t take them on walks (it has been way too hot recently) and we just have a small duplex with no big back yard for them to run it 😦 Somehow I need to remedy this. They need exercise too!

At any rate, I have a weigh in tomorrow. I’m going to step on my old scale, record that weight on WW online, and then step on the Quantum Scale to program it again so that next week, I have a full week to tell me what I gained or lost (if that makes sense). I’m super excited to have the scale, and I’ll probably just use it exclusively now.

Thoughts on weigh-in tomorrow: not sure if I’ll lose at all this week, as I’ve REALLY bumped up my workout regimen lately. I’m doing 45-60 min of hardcore cardio for 5-6 days a week, so my muscles may retain water for a week or two. It’ll pay off though, I’m sure of it!

Hope everyone is having a great day–guess what: it’s HUMP DAY!

PS–I am eating fruits and veggies again, woo! I have strawberries and clementines for my snacks at work today, and I’ll be eating broccoli with dinner tonight. Wooo!


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