I Heart Saturdays

Yeah but for real...I do this.

Yeah but for real…I do this.

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday! I had a crazy busy day at work and just got caught up with everything on my to-do list. Let’s see, where did I last leave all y’all? Patrick and I went to the BBQ place for lunch on Thursday and it was SOOO good, as usual. I got the pulled pork without a bun and sweet potato fries w/o the syrup that they pour all over it. I ate only about 1/2 of the meat but most of the fries–they are too good! Anyway, I was really full for the rest of the day, and zumba SUCKED!! Omg, it was so hard because of that heavy lunch I ate. That is certainly motivation to not eat that kind of food, at least before a big workout!

Oh well–I still got a great workout, but man was I sore/tired/sweaty/out of breath. Thursday night I was going to cook pork chops, but I got home from zumba and was waaaay too worn out/nauseous. I just put a thin crust frozen pizza in and ate a couple of small pieces for dinner with nothing else but some pineapple. I wasn’t really hungry.

As I already said, yesterday was a very busy day at work; I’m in charge of keeping track of all of the college fair invites for our university and sending in the RSVPs for each one. That is a LOT of college fairs, people! So that’s all I did yesterday morning. We also have an awesome summer camp for rising high school seniors called “Operation Catapult,” which is a 3 week camp where students come live on campus and work on math, science, or engineering projects. It is a really super cool camp and the kids are all really smart/fun, and yesterday was our closing for the second (and last) session. Which means lots and lots of parents! Each counselor in our office had to do a 30-40 min info session with parents and then at 5, we had a closing banquet in the dining hall for everybody. This dinner is the same menu every year, and my boss had told me what it’d be so I could figure out what I was going to eat ahead of time.

The menu was basically buffet style of either roast beef or a chicken breast, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, rice with broccoli, rolls, salad, and dessert (apple pie, cherry pie, or iced brownie). I had already planned ahead to eat 1 chicken breast, a little bit of corn, a small serving of potatoes, broccoli (but not rice!), and a piece of apple pie–I did just that! Skipped the bread and butter and rice, so that’s good. It was actually really yummy and I sat with a very nice family. Their son had worked on the “human powered refrigerator” project and that group actually won 2nd place in “campers’ choice” of coolest projects! So that was neat.

Then it was off to Dungeons and Dragons game night. We had a lot more people playing than normal last night, but it was still really fun. I started to get sleepy around 10pm but we played until 1:30AM…AHHHHHH I was dying of tiredness. Usually we go to game night around 6, but since I had the banquet last night we didn’t get there until 7 or so. Every week that we do game night, we basically do a potluck dinner and I ALWAYS make dessert. Last night, though, I didn’t make any since Patrick and I had both eaten before going. The guys (and I say the guys because for the past 4 weeks my friend Bryanna has been off doing military stuff and so I was the only girl there) had made a bunch of Mexican food for dinner, so I said no to all of it…at first. But then it got to be 11pm and I was SO SO hungry! I ate a serving of tortilla chips and taco meat, which I really shouldn’t have, but this week with all my workouts I’ll get 32 activity points again and I don’t mind dipping into those a bit. So, I’ve already dipped into them by about 13 points (went over a bit on Thursday too) and I’m going to try not to dip into them any more this week. I DID manage to resist a delicious looking carrot bundt cake with cream cheese icing that our friend (and Dungeon Master!) J-man had made last night, which was a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e as I really really really wanted to eat it! Phew, that was a narrow escape.

We didn’t go to bed until around 3 am (we had to take care of the dogs when we got home) and so we slept in until 11 or so. Today I’ve just had a bowl of Special K protein and will eat a 1/2 clif bar before Patrick and I go on the trail to walk with Sadie this time! It is SO nice outside–probably in the mid-70s with a really great breeze, it’s not hot at all! So we’re gonna walk for about an hour out there. My aunt/uncle/cousins are coming in town for a baseball game, so we’re going to meet them all and my parents at Kleptz (local restaurant) for dinner. Last time I went I got a salad, but this time I really think I might go to my old standby–fried tenderloin sandwich with chips…only eating 1/2 of each, of course! I get too full if I eat all of that anymore. (Obviously fried and not good for my arteries, but I don’t eat that kind of food every day or even 2-3 times a week anymore (like I used to!)

Shouldn’t go over my points today, so that’s good news. Tomorrow-Wednesday I really need to concentrate on staying within my points and working out hard like last week. If I stick to that, I’ll probably see another loss. Here’s to everyone out there–hope you have a great weekend! Clara sure is enjoying it!

She is happy but in this picture she is more like "WTF"

She is happy but in this picture she is more like “WTF”


2 thoughts on “I Heart Saturdays

  1. Kelly, best blog ever! I love this!!! 🙂 I am so excited for you, we should totally walk a 5K together…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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