OK, so first of all, how in the hell are we almost at August 1? I thought it was like June yesterday or something…yikes. Second of all, I didn’t drink that pop yesterday! Woohoo!

Also, this:

My sentiments exactly

My sentiments exactly

I LOVE this e-card! (I will be posting them every so often and commenting on how the make me feel. I think these actually say a lot about our society, not to mention that usually they’re just friggin’ hilarious.) I have really noticed that after just losing 37 lbs, I have a much higher level of confidence than I used to. Most of my clothes (even before I lost the weight) are pretty baggy, because I NEVER wanted to wear anything that hugged my body in any way, shape, or form. I felt like the biscuits busting out of a Pillsbury can when I would wear stuff like that, so I’d just opt for shirts that gathered right below the boobs and flowed out from the waist, making me look even more huge and possibly even more pregnant than I ever was. (Note: I’ve never been pregnant. I will not be pregnant in the next 1.5-2 years, unless it is by some crazy accident. My husband is going back to school this fall and we need to wait until he graduates and gets hisself a JOB!) At any rate, I can wear clothes that are a little more shape-hugging now and feel completely ok about it. Today I wore a form-fitted sweater with black pants, and our visit coordinator commented that she can really, really tell that I’m losing. I cannot stress the importance of how this makes me or anyone else who is in this process feel–for real–it is so great to have a compliment!

I feel more confident when I go out with my husband now, or when I go out by myself. Sometimes I feel like maybe I need to tone it down on the “strutting my stuff” sort of thing because I still have 90 lbs or so to lose, but then I remind myself that I WORKED to get to 236 and I will own it. Get over it, y’all fat haters of the world, cause I won’t be fat much longer!

At any rate, I loved this e-card. It reminded me to wake up in the morning and remember that, so what, I’m fat, I can still be a sexy beast. And I shall. I shall indeed.

Happy Hump Day to All, more to come tomorrow! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Confidence!

  1. That is great! It does feel good when someone comments about how good you are looking, or that they can tell you have been losing. It lets you know you all your hard work hasn’t went to waist. I really hate when you try to talk to people about your weight loss and everything you are going through (friends) and they act like they just don’t care because they aren’t going through it and don’t want to. I just hope by losing weight I might Inspire some of them to do the same.

    • Jen–I totally agree! What I really hate the most is when people say things like, “oh wow, well I would do that but I HATE dieting…”…and I’m like, it’s not a diet!! It’s my friggin’ lifestyle change!! Ugh. But you’re right, one little comment can go a long way!

  2. It’s amazing the difference you feel after dropping some weight! I’m not sure I’ll ever feel “comfortable” wearing tight clothing though. I guess thats my own insecurities talking, but heck, just being able to wear a L or an XL when you used to wear a 3X is so liberating! Great job on the no pop!!!

  3. Desiree, I’m with you…I definitely don’t wear anything tight per se–just form fitting. I think everyone has their thing–for example, I will never ever ever be able to wear sleeveless tops in public until I lose the weight. I see all kinds of big girls wearing those all the time, but there are just some things I will never be comfortable in. Same goes for short skirts/shorts! But yes, being able to wear an XL or 1X is great now, as I used to have to wear 3X!

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