Ahhh, Festival Food

‘Tis the season for festival food! This time of the year is really, REALLY challenging for me food-wise because of all the carnival/festival food! Today at work, we had a big carnival put on by facilities operations outside. It was a lot of fun–they had a dunk tank and some other games, but the real star here was the FOOD!

Holy. Wow.

Holy. Wow.

Click on the photo above for a close-up of what’s written… This is the exact food truck that was at the carnival, and I have no idea how they were able to do this, but we were all allowed to get 4 items of our choosing, not including water or pop… FO FREE!!! WHAT?! 4 FREAKING ITEMS!?!? It was like Christmas and hell all at the same time. If you can’t see what was written there, let me just list the items for you:

Taco in a bag, hand dipped/fried corndogs, ribeye sandwich, fried tenderloin sandwich, friend peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fried oreos, fried twinkies, curly fries, ribbon fries, funnel cakes, and lemon or orange shakeups.


So I was having a huge internal conflict here because I knew I needed to eat lunch, but that I didn’t want to get 4 fried things (because let’s be real, this IS supposed to be a weight loss blog!) I decided that I was going to get a corn dog and fries, and only eat half of the fries. Well, then one of my coworkers asked if I wanted to share fries with him and I thought “PERFECT” because then I really could eat half. But then I also wanted just ONE fried oreo, so I got those and split them with a coworker. All in all, my lunch consisted of a corn dog, a few fries, 2 fried oreos, and a lemon shakeup. Awful, I know. So, so awful. BUT it was delicious (and even though as I sit here trying not to puke from all the fried food overload) and I counted it all as about 25 points total. Not sure if this is right, as WW doesn’t really have very specific point guidelines for fatty fat fried festival food, but I estimated. Also, the lemon shake up was REALLY weak (basically tasted like water with a little bit of lemonade in it), so I think it was fewer points than what it might have been at an actual state fair type event. At any rate, I now feel like death…boo. But just look at this:

My lunch (minus 2 oreos that I split with a coworker)

My lunch (minus 2 oreos that I split with a coworker)

At any rate, tonight instead of eating tacos and stuff with my friends at game night, I’m going to run to Subway and get an oven roasted chicken salad–I went to Subway’s page and put the salad into the point counter, and it’ll only be about 4 points total w/ dressing on the side (I’m not really much of a salad dressing person). So that’ll help to counter all that fried deliciousness, hopefully, and it’ll keep me within my points for the day. Phew.

Next weekend, Patrick and I are going up to Indianapolis to hang out with his family and (arrgh) go to the State Fair. I am really excited to go to the State Fair because (GASP) I’ve never been…I know, I’m a horrible Hoosier! Born and raised here, and never been to the State Fair. I’m worried about the food though, obviously. I know they have even worse and crazier fried things there than we did today (deep fried butter, chocolate-covered deep fried bacon, ew ew ew!) and that I’ll need to be really careful about what I eat. I am definitely going to pick one thing to indulge on, but I won’t let it get out of control. I must stay strong!

Last night Zumba was great, as usual…the new song was easier this time! Also, I am thinking about going to a local “Pulse” class tomorrow, which would help me work off this nastiness that I ate today. If not, I’ll probably just do a walking DVD at home tomorrow or go on the trail for a nice long walk. Today is my day off of working out, so I won’t be doing anything this evening.

Tomorrow is our best set of couple friends’ daughter’s 3rd birthday party! I bought her some really cute clothes and some early reading Dr. Seuss books, because I believe that every child should have some Dr. Seuss books, even if she hasn’t started reading yet. I’m also going to get her some “My Little Pony” stuff tomorrow before the party, as she is OBSESSED with it. I love that little gal, so I’m excited to see her at her party!

Sunday, I may be going to Greencastle (where I went to college and lived for a bit) to visit a sorority sister who just had a baby in May. I haven’t met him yet, and I can’t wait! Pics to follow!

Hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful weekend–I am going to try to work off this fatty food, but no regrets here! 🙂


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