Busy Busy Weekend!

Well folks, it was a busy but super fun-filled weekend! On Friday night, Patrick and I went over to Bryanna (Bre) and Scott’s for game night. Since Gencon (biggest most awesomest gaming festival in the world that happens in INDIANAPOLIS) is next week and Bre’s uncle Rob is running a Call of Cthulhu game, we got to demo it that night. Rob is an AWESOME game-master so it was tons of fun, and the game was mostly role-playing (which in Cthulhu is really sweet–basically you are doomed to either die or go insane in crazy ways unless some miracle occurs). I definitely died by being burned to death while simultaneously possessing a fear of traumatic injuries, lol. It was lots of fun though, and we had a good time. I ended up getting a salad from Subway for dinner while everyone else ate tacos because of the FESTIVAL FOOD DISASTER on Friday at lunch! It was good though, I was proud of myself for doing that.

On Saturday, Patrick and I basically lounged around and I made a yummy crescent roll sausage casserole:

Yum yum

Yum yum

It was basically crescent rolls on the bottom, sausage, cheese, egg, and milk on top. It was so good! Next time I’m going to modify it to make it a little more WW friendly–this time I used regular crescent rolls and pork sausage, making for a 7point slice (12 servings total). Next time, I’m going to use reduced fat crescent rolls and turkey sausage, and it’ll be only 5 points a piece! Shoulda thought of that the first time around, but now I know!

At 3, we went to our friends’ (Bre and Scott’s once again) daughter’s 3-year birthday party. She is a little stinker but I love her! We bought her some nice clothes, a couple of books, and a My Little Pony that she could draw on, which she LOVED. She said it was one of her favorite presents! She is obsessed with My Little Pony–if you are not familiar with it, there is a pony named “Princess Cadance.” Well, this little gal’s name happens to be Cadence (I know I know, spelling difference!), but still, I thought it’d be cute to take advantage of that on my present-labeling skills. lol:

Pretty pretty presents!

Pretty pretty presents!

I’m pretty sure that she just ripped that ish off without even looking at what I did, and obviously she can’t read or anything so she didn’t see it, but I was proud of my ingenuity, lol. There was (gasp) cake at the party of course, and it was a My Little Pony Cake. It was really cute and I meant to take a picture of it but totally forgot before all the tiny children started eating it. I ended up having a smallish size piece of cake and a bit ‘o ice cream–at first, the piece that I was given was HUUUUUGE. I almost ate it but then ended up trading Patrick so I could eat less. I didn’t really want to but knew it was for the best, lol. We actually ended up staying at Scott and Bre’s after the party and grilling hamburgers. Bre and I started to reminisce about one of our favorite teachers from middle school who was killed in a truck accident 10 years ago today, actually. She and her husband were both 32 when they were killed and they were some of the world’s most wonderful folks. They opened up their home to Bre when she was having problems at home, and was always there for my friends and me. We ended up going out to the gravesite (I had never been there in 10 YEARS) and having a bit of a cry. We really needed it, and I definitely needed it because I had never fully process it as I was 15 when it happened. Because of this, we ended up killing a bottle of wine between the two of us when we got back from the gravesite and ate burgers–oops. But it was much needed, and I am so glad I now know where Michelle’s gravesite is. Phew, sorry for the downer.

Because of all of these unforeseen plans on Saturday, we didn’t get home until pretty late and I didn’t get a chance to work out. I HATE not getting my workouts in. I had planned to do a 2-miler or my strength training DVD but I just didn’t get to it. Argh!

On Sunday, I drove to my friend (and sorority sister!) Kirsten’s house in Greencastle (about 45 min away). She had a baby 3 months ago and I wanted to meet him! He is a super super cute ‘lil guy and is SUCH a good baby. She said he hardly ever does like really prolonged crying, and he smiles all the time. He is soooo cute! They also have a HUGE great dane named Hugo, who happens to be really good around the baby:



I mean seriously, at one point her husband was riding around on that dog like a horse, lol…he is so big! But he sure is a cutie. I love dogs 🙂

After that, I drove back to Greencastle to go over and get Patrick from Bre and Scott’s where he was demo-ing a DnD game that Scott is running @ Gencon. They weren’t done, so I just hung out with Bre and Cadie (Cadence) for a bit. We ended up staying there to watch Dexter at 9, but got waaaay distracted by re-living the 90s and playing “best of” songs from that time period, lol. Then our friend Nick came over and we all got to chatting and didn’t watch Dexter. We shall at some point, I’m sure!

I did just “meh” with eating this weekend. Weekends are super challenging for me, as I don’t usually have a structured day or eating plan. I didn’t get to work out yesterday either, as I didn’t plan on staying at Scott and Bre’s house for that long, so I have really felt like I’m in a mental funk. I’m so sick of writing everything down that I put in my mouth, blah blah blah…BUT I’m not quitting! Tonight I’m going to go to zumba at the Y (first time I’ve been to this class), do zumba here tomorrow, and at the Y again on Wednesday. We’ll see if that has any impact on my weigh-in this week, but I’m hoping it does.

Hope everyone has a great week–more to come tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Busy Busy Weekend!

  1. What a great weekend! You definitely have some quality people in your life.

    i picked up a few shifts from my old temp company this next weekend for GenCon. I’m so excited to PEOPLE WATCH! And get my “nerd” on, a bit. I don’t know a lot of games but I adore Settlers of Catan (and variations thereof).

    • Melissa, are you going to Gencon? Yeah, I’m sure there will be some interesting folks there 😉 I also love Settlers of Catan, but am not very good at it and therefore scared to get involved with it @ Gencon–the people who play it there are SO GOOD and like super super intense/serious about it, lol. We’re doing a lot of fun stuff though, so I’m excited!

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