Lazy, lazy, lazy!

Although I am posting this entry today, I’m going to start posting these “someecards” w/ my thoughts from here on out on Thursdays because I can title the entries “Thought-provoking Thursday” and there’s more alliteration there… I know…I am a nerd!

Also, I went to my first Zumba class at the local YMCA last night! I was really nervous because I knew there would be all types of people there, and I was convinced every single one of them would be really fit and good at Zumba. But, there were other people like me! It was a great class and I was dripping sweat 1/2 way through. I NEVER would have made it through an hour+ long workout 6 months ago! I have Zumba tonight at the work location where I have been going for weeks…yay, and then tomorrow I’ll go back to the Y, and Thursday have it here again! Wooooooo!!

At any rate:



Honestly, a lot of these e-cards have the same tone–and that is being able to lose weight without doing any actual work. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?! I do think they have a lot to say about society, however. Our society has gotten increasingly lazy over the past several years, especially *in my opinion* as technology has advanced. Fast food and delivery food have become some of the major staples in our American lives, and why? Because it’s easy. It’s easy to go through McDonald’s on the way home to get nuggets or a big mac and fries, or to just call a number and order a pizza. I was TOTALLY part of this laziness for the past several years, especially before I started with Weight Watchers in October. Yesterday my husband and I were talking about how we used to eat: Marvin’s delivery on Monday, (I’ll explain in a moment…), pizza delivery on Tuesday, some “semblance” of a homemade meal on Wednesday (usually meat and potatoes), out to eat on Thursday, etc etc.

*Marvin’s, by the way, is a local favorite in the town where Patrick and I went to college. The specialty here is a garlic cheeseburger, aka GCB. It is absolutely SINFULLY delicious, and I would always get one of these and cheese fries. Omg 2309483029 points!!*

We were constantly ordering out because I was just too lazy to cook, or because the food simply tasted really good to my fatty fat tastebuds (and I’m not gonna lie…I could still destroy a GCB every so often, but fortunately we don’t live there anymore so the temptation is gone)! I KNOW that we’re not the only folks in this country who eat/live like that, and I think it’s becoming the norm rather than the exception. Part of this (commence rant) is due in part to the types of mass-produced foods that we have here in America due to evil corporations like MONSANTO who dump all kinds of awful things in our food to keep them “fresher” longer and end up making us fatter in the process. No wonder we are basically the fattest nation on the planet…

At any rate, we have to stop making excuses and start doing something in order to lose weight. Obviously, those e-cards are funny, and they are supposed to be. But there is such an undertone of truth there that is just begging to be brought to the surface. I think of these every time I hear someone make an excuse regarding “why they can’t lose weight.” We ALL have the power to change our bodies–isn’t that cool? Why not take advantage of it to make ourselves healthier, and by doing so, reap all the benefits that health has to offer.

I hope everyone has an absolutely fabulous Tuesday evening!


4 thoughts on “Lazy, lazy, lazy!

  1. So very very true! I’ve been asked a couple of times now what I am doing to lose weight. I think a lot of times people just do not want to hear that it’s really just about hard work and eating less.

  2. I’ve never done Zumba – I’m afraid I’m too white, too rythym-less! Marvin’s sounds ridiculous in the best and worst way. Ever. I was a drive thru addict once upon a time as well. My wallet and my body are much happier! I lost 40lbs when I was a nanny and then I moved in w/my sister and her fam and they ate meat+potatoes+other starch for all their dinners. It was a little nuts and I gained 30lbs back! SAD! (but now I’m down 65lbs from where I started).

    • Melissa, zumba is way too fun to be worried about not having rhythm! There are TONS of people who go to my class and are really not good dancers (including me) but we still have a lot of fun.

      Marv’s IS amazing in the best and worst day! CONGRATS on your weight loss, that is amazing!!!

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