OK, so you really have to read the title of this post either in your head or out loud (recommended) in a Shatner voice. Just do it. You’ll be happy you did!

At any rate, I do have a lot of challenges weight loss-wise coming up in the next few weeks that I am really nervous about. I’m not sure if nervous is actually the real word–it’s more like a cautious anticipation–but still. The past week has been really good food and work-out wise, so I’m really hoping to see a good loss on the scale tomorrow morning at my weigh in (if not, at least I’d like to see some difference in my measurements!) I’ll keep you posted on that one tomorrow!

The first big challenge that I have coming up is that my monthly visitor will be in town starting next Monday. BOO. But recently, I’ve found that exercising helps me with this (fewer cramps, feeling better in general) and so I’ll try to stick to schedule next week; however, that’s where challenge #2 comes in:



I’M GOING TO GENCON!!!!!! For those of you who don’t know, Gencon is basically the biggest gaming festival in the nation, and it happens right in my backyard every year (Indianapolis)! I’m actually taking off two days of work for this hurrah, and will be there next Wednesday evening and all day Thursday-Sunday. Any kind of game that you can think of is probably represented here, in addition to new games and cosplay and LARPs and wonderfulness and etc. etc. This is the first year that Patrick and I have been, as we have only really gotten into the gaming world in the past year, so we are super excited. Scott and Bre go every year, and they signed us up for some different fun things. We’re signed up for a Battlestar Galactica LARP (live action role playing); a “Killer Breakfast,” which is where you get up on stage and some guy guides you through a scenario and depending on how inventive your responses are, he’ll find different entertaining ways to “kill” you; and something that is called “True Dungeon” which is basically a live-action walk through of a Dungeons and Dragons game–I am SUPER excited for that! I’m a bit nervous because I’m so new to the gaming world and know that most of the people who go are lifers, so they’ll know a lot more than me. But I’m still excited to just see the costume contests, hear authors speak, get autographs, and explore/demo/possibly purchase new games. It should be a LOT of fun! BUT I’m also nervous about the food. We’re all staying at a hotel with a kitchen suite, so hopefully I can just bring some food and eat better-for-me versions of stuff on the cheap, but we’ll see. There’s a beer garten made from local brewery Sun King, and I KNOW I’m gonna want me some of that–I’m just going to try not to go overboard, and I’m worried about missing so many workouts. Maybe I’ll find a way to workout there–I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking, so that helps.

Patrick and I are also going to the State Fair with his parents on this upcoming Sunday–needless to say, I’m nervous about the food there because it’s HORRIBLE. This year they’ll have bacon glazed donuts, deep fried butter, and all of that nasty ass stuff that I don’t want to eat–but they’ll also have things like corn dogs and fried oreos and deliciousness like that. Hmmm…updates to come!

I hope to stay sane and keep my weight loss goals in mind during these challenges. Wish me luck! Anyone have any fun plans in the next few weeks, or on the random off-chance it could happen, is anyone going to Gencon?


5 thoughts on “So…Many…Challenges!

  1. What absolute fun! Sounds like you guys will have a blast! We started going to NOLA Comic Con in 2011 and we are hooked! We’ve been every year since and I’m looking forward to being a lot smaller by the next one in February! Maybe carry some healthy snacks to both Gencon and to the fair. And for the fair maybe try to eat a sensible meal before you go so that hopefully you will be pretty full and won’t give into temptation!

    • Desiree, those are really great ideas! I am going to try to stay strong–I know that I can, it’s just whether or not that I will! Ugh, I hope I’ll be able to do well! Thanks for the encouragement.

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