An Ode to Sadie

It’s official. We’re giving our little lady Sadie back to the animal adoption program where we got her.

(Sad face times infinity + 1).

I love this ‘lil gal so much and it makes my heart hurt to know we won’t have her anymore, but I also know that it’s better for HER that we do this. Patrick starts school on August 19, and his program is an accelerated 35 hour per week program where he and I will both be gone from 8am-5pm. That means that she and Clara would be crated all day from 8am-5pm, and then when Patrick and I get home (since we have to keep them separated or they will kill each other), she’d be out for about 5 min before Clara started freaking out in her crate and barking like no ones business…which would be ok if we lived in a house, but we live in a duplex. So yeah. That means that Sadie would be out about 20 minutes to an hour PER DAY which is absolutely not ok in any way shape or form. Ugh ugh ugh. So now, she can get a nice family that has no dogs (hopefully!) or has dogs that she can get along with. I also hope that she gets a family with some little kids…she LOVES loves loves little kids, and I know that would be fun for her. So, either we keep Sadie because we’re selfish and love her but only give her about 30min to an hour a day of our lives, or we give her back to the great adoption program where we got her to get another family where she can run around and be out all day! Yay!

Patrick is taking her back to Cincinnati (where we used to live and where we got her) on Monday. I am going to be really really sad–I already am really really sad. But I know it’s the best for her, and I know that some family out there will fall in love with her like we did. My favorite thing about her is how cuddly she is, and she is so soft!! Here are some of my fave pics of her:



Cuddling on my lap!

Cuddling on my lap!

She loved my brother-in-law's guitar case!

She loved my brother-in-law’s guitar case!



I love this pic of her all perched up on our old couch!

I love this pic of her all perched up on our old couch!

We will always miss this little one but I know someone wonderful will find her!

Tonight we have game night and I made a delicious-looking pumpkin “poke” cake for it at 9 whopping points a slice! I can’t wait to devour it…Patrick and I will be out of town all weekend at the State Fair and other family events, so I may not get to post until Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful and restful weekend!


4 thoughts on “An Ode to Sadie

  1. Aww, I’m so sorry, I know that is a tough call but sometimes, it’s just for the best. During the time you had, Sadie, you loved her thoroughly and I know she knows that. I’m sure she will find the perfect forever home and you are doing the most un-selfish thing ever by surrendering her back to the adoption agency. (((HUGS))) I know you will miss your sweet girl.

    • Desiree, thank you so much! It has been really hard, but you’re right, it is the most unselfish thing we could do. Patrick dropped her off about an hour ago, so she is back in their care and I have to now stop thinking of her as our dog 😦 But I know it’s for the best!

  2. Sorry about Sadie, it sounds like you are making the best chose for her and at least you took the time to really think about it. I’m sure she will find a wonderful home. Hope you had fun this weekend!

    • Jennifer, thanks for the kind words! It is definitely the best thing for her and that’s what I have to keep in mind here. I know she will find a nice home! (And if any of you readers are in the Cincinnati area and looking for a doggie, you could find her here:

      I did have a great time this weekend, I’m going to post about it right now!

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