August Fest and State Fair

Soooo, this weekend was CRAZY busy but lots of fun. Friday night of course was game night, and we had a good time. I did a good job of staying within my points with only one sloppy joe, a couple of chips (I know right!?), and a delicious piece of the pumpkin poke cake that I made. I TOTALLY forgot to take a pic of this cake, and as it was AH-MAY-ZING I wish I would’ve, but here’s a pic of what it looks like courtesy of the blog where I found it:

Courtesy of "Something Swanky", find at

Courtesy of “Something Swanky”

You can find this delicious recipe here: Oh my GAWD it was so good, and it was 9 points a slice (9X13 pan cut into 15 slices). Scott actually “dubbed” me the queen of dessert and “the only person who is ever allowed to make dessert at game night EVER”…I actually got dubbed with a wooden spoon and everything, lol, it was hilarious. I will DEFINITElY be making that again–it was so yummy and so easy! And for 9 points a slice, it is incredibly rich and filling.

On Saturday morning, we packed up the dogs and headed to Indianapolis to visit Patrick’s parents. They live on the south side of Indy and are really involved in their church; Patrick’s mom is the music director there and they do a LOT of community outreach, which I really respect. This past Saturday they were having “August fest” which is a 100% free event for the community surrounding the church…they rent a bounce house, have several games and activities for families, have snowcones, and a huuuuge meal including hot/chili dogs, sloppy joes, veggies, cookies, and drinks. It really is amazing to me that they do this free of charge–a lot of people ended up coming and being able to feed their entire families for free. It was great! Not to mention, Patrick, his brother, and their parents play in a “family band” together, and were playing most of the time:

Hard to see, sorry!

Hard to see, sorry!

On the far left is Patrick’s dad Andy playing tuba, his mom to the right of his dad playing piano, to the right of that is Patrick’s brother Peter on clarinet, and then on the far right is my wonderful hubby Patrick playing trombone. (We are a very musical family–if you haven’t seen in my “about me” section, I am a professional musician by trade and play the viola). I don’t play in the family band because I really like to just sit and listen, plus it’s kind of like “their thing” that they do together and I really like to see them do that. It was really fun, and they sounded great. They played a lot of dixieland type stuff, and it was really enjoyable.

*Side note about August fest–I totally got hit on by a guy who came to get free food…he looked at me, winked, and said “You so cute!”–at first I thought he was talking about how cute all the little kids were who were there, but then I said, “what??!” and he repeated himself…lol. I mean he had like 2 little kids there so I was just like …um no…but that hadn’t happened in a LONG time, I never get hit on!*

After August fest, we went out to Cracker Barrel with Patrick’s family. I was SO proud of myself for my food choices: rainbow trout, corn, apple slices, and one biscuit with water to drink. Holy WOW! I never get fish, so I was really impressed. And theeeeeeen we went to meet our friends Blake and Hanna for drinks, which was super fun, but I accidentally had a lite beer and half a margarita and a churro…dangit. Oh well, it was delicious and I don’t feel guilty because I did so well at dinner that I didn’t go over my points by too much. We LOVE Blake and Hanna, (Blake’s parents are lifelong friends of Patrick’s parents, and he and Patrick grew up together…isn’t that adorable?!)so that was a lot of fun. I really wish they lived closer to us! Shoot, I should’ve snapped a pic with them!

The next day (yesterday) we got up and went to church with Patrick’s parents and sang in his mom’s choir, that’s always fun as I love to sing. We then went to the state fair around 1pm, and proceeded to stay for FIVE HOURS. It was so long! BUT I had a really good time and I did pretty well eating for the number of crazy ridiculous foods they have around there. Plus, we walked around TONS so I know I at least got a liiiiitle tiny bit of activity in. Here are the pics!












This was my lunch (BBQ pulled pork). No joke!

I felt like I did a really good job food-wise at the fair. I knew I was going to allow myself to get something fried and that I wasn’t going to let myself feel guilty about it, because for God’s sake it’s the state fair and you only go once a year! (Not like they’re selling that kind of fried stuff at my local Kroger anyway, lol…) When we first got there, the only thing I had eaten all day was a banana and a 3-point Special K protein bar, so I was hungry! We went straight to the pork tent (one of many) and instead of getting a pulled pork sandwich, I just asked if I could have the meat. So, I got pulled pork BBQ and put sauce on it and didn’t even eat all of it because I got full ! I could’ve also gotten a “meal” which would’ve included chips, a piece of bread, and applesauce, but I just wanted the meat. I even had water to drink!

Then we went to see the animals. So so cute. I especially loved the goats, as my mom has goats and they are so friendly. We even got to hear some of them scream (which if you’ve never heard, go to youtube and look up “goats screaming like humans,” it’s hilarious) which I was hoping for, lol. Then we were hungry again, so I got a corn dog. I REALLY wanted a huge hand-dipped monstrosity, but we ended up getting one that wasn’t hand dipped and just tasted like it came out of the freezer aisle, so I was really sad about that. BUT it’s ok because it wasn’t probably AS bad for me as the hand dipped ones. Then we walked around some more and went to the food building and the DNR building with all the fish, and then got hungry again, so I got an ear of sweet corn. MAN was it goooood. And only like 3 points! We rode around on the trolley for the rest of the time, and before leaving, I had to go to the fried food both and get something. I didn’t want fried oreos because I had just had those two weeks ago at work (lol) and then I saw that they had..dun dun dun..


Oh. my. LORRRRRRRDIE. I love cookie dough. I love cookies. I love fried things. So I got some (they’re the little fried ball things with powdered sugar in the pics) and DAYUMMM son those were good. I mean seriously like omg it was all melty and delicious and tasted like a fried chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven. I’m sure they were 203984209384 points but I counted them as 18 for 4 of them. I hope that’s pretty accurate–without eating dinner last night, all my food at the state fair total yesterday was right around 37, the number of points I get a day, so I was pretty happy with that. OH, and I drank all water yesterday except one diet pepsi in the afternoon because I got super tired and needed a quick caffeine burst. Yay!

All in all, it was a good weekend and even though I didn’t get a whole lot of activity, I’m proud of how I handled my food choices (and obv fried food is not good for me, but ya’ll don’t even know what kinds of things I’d be eating this time last year before I embarked on this journey, lol…let’s not think about that!)

Tonight I re-start zumba for the next 2 days, and then on Wednesday we’re off to Gencon where I will be confronted with even more difficult eating choices! Arrrrrgh. I can do it! Sadie went back to the shelter today…tear…but Patrick said the people there were extremely nice and she was very good/happy to meet them. Phew. It’s going to take a few days (or weeks..or months) to not be sad, but I know I can do it. If any of you readers in the Cincinnati area are looking for a dog, keep your eyes peeled for Sadie here: She is a wonderful dog!

OK this entry is WAY too long. Hope everyone has a great week!


2 thoughts on “August Fest and State Fair

  1. Wahh! I thought I responded to this… Guess not. OH EM GEE! I could not have passed up fried cookie dough either. That is like my kryptonite. Ugh! It sounds so wonderful! So glad you had a fantastic time and you did well avoiding most things!

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