I AM SO EXCITED, YALL! Seriously, super excited. Patrick and I are leaving with our friend Jason (Jman) after work today. We’re going to drive up to Indy, drop Clara off at Patrick’s parents, and then meet up with Scott and Bre and our other friends at The Ram, a pub/restaurant in downtown Indy. I won’t be surprised if we can’t get seats or eat dinner there, because they’re doing this drinking game called “Deathcup” in there as part of Gencon’s kickoff tonight, so we may end up having to go somewhere else. I looked at their menu, and it looked like they have some pretty yummy salads, so that’s what I may end up doing.

We have planned to eat breakfast every morning at Patrick’s parents house, so we got granola protein bars and bananas for that. We also got a variety of different protein bars, clementines, and apples to take with us in a backpack as snacks throughout the day. For lunch everyday, we’re bringing bread and peanut butter, and I bought a bag of “smart” chips–baked lays, baked cheetos, baked doritos to have with the sandwich. We’ll also have the fruit and lots and lots of water bottles to keep up satisfied for lunch. Then, we’ll probably eat out most nights, maybe even some with Patrick’s parents. Overall, I’m really thinking that it will be feasible to stay within my points because of the food that we’re briging, especially because the fruit is all 0 points. We also may have indulged in buying some off-brand nutella (I know it’s not the same but that ish is like $7 for one container!) to put on our PB sandwiches/bananas every once and a while. Yippee!

I am planning on taking tons and tons of pics at Gencon. For real.

As for the blog, I won’t be able to do entries while I’m there, so bear with me for a few days. I will be back on Monday to write updates and hopefully post A BAZILLION pictures of Gencon awesomeness. Because my weigh-in day falls on Thursday and I’ll be out of town tomorrow, I’m going to skip this week and just weigh-in next week. I’m going to record my weight on WW as the same as last week, and then just see what the damage is next Thursday. Hopefully I’ll show a loss, but only time shall tell!




I’ll be back on Monday–hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week and weekend! 🙂


6 thoughts on “GENCON DAY IS HERE

  1. Have a ton of fun! If you are desperate for a workout, there is a YMCA downtown, but its a good walk from the convention center. I will be working registration Saturday and Sunday – I’m so excited to see everyone dress up! That is honestly my favorite part!

    • Melissa–shoot, I wish I knew you were working registration!! I would have tried to find you! It was AMAZING and I loved it. Honestly, I didn’t really need a workout–I walked SO much every day that I really got one in .Phew!

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