I’ve lost a 3-year-old!

OK people, I haven’t actually misplaced a small child–I’ve lost 41 LBS which is equivalent to an average-sized 3-year-old! What the hell! Wooooohooo!

So anyway, I LOST AGAIN this week (1.2 lbs)! Wow, this is 3 weeks in a row…I’m telling you, it’s the zumba. I am ob.freaking.sessed. Seriously, I get cranky when I can’t make a zumba workout. Look at what the scale said this morning!

Sorry for the blurry--it says "--4.6" !!!

Sorry for the blurry–it says “–4.6” !!!

Yaaaay! This means that I’ve lost like 41.7 lbs now. Super exciting! I was really surprised when I saw this on the scale this morning, as on Monday morning, it said “+1.4”. Yikes! But I’m pretty sure that was from my insane sodium binge on Sunday, and Monday and yesterday I really worked on flushing my system with water, so I think that helped.

OH, TOTALLY RANDOM THING THAT I JUST REMEMBERED: I can’t believe I keep forgetting to post this, but Sadie got adopted by another family! She got adopted like 3 days after we dropped her off, so I was really really happy about that! It looks like she went to a young couple with a small son–she loves little kids, so this was awesome news. At any rate, I meant to post about that a zillion years ago when it happened, but just forgot.

I’m mildly worried about this week and working out…tomorrow night, I have to go to a “new employee” dinner at my work, even though I’ve been working here for 7 months. Then on Friday night, I have to go to a dinner for transfer students coming in…I’m going to try to make it down to zumba at the Y after the dinner, but I’m not sure if that’ll work…Saturday, I can’t make it to zumba because it’s the opening remarks at orientation for the students and I’m required to be at work…but then I’ll be able to do Monday and Tuesday. Ugh. I’m REALLY going to try to get to zumba on Friday night, even if I’m a little bit late. After that, I’m planning on going over to Bre’s to watch Titanic and enjoy some wine because the boys are all going to a bachelor party. The days that I’d typically go to zumba that I can’t (tomorrow and Saturday), I’m going to try and do at least 2 miles of Leslie Sansone’s “Walk at Home” DVDs. They’re really good workouts even if they’re not zumba, and at least it’ll keep me active.

I weigh in on Tuesday of next week for the “6 week weight loss challenge” that we’ve been doing at work. If their scale is the same as mine, I’ll have lost almost 8 pounds in this time! The person who loses the highest % of their first recorded weight will win some work out gear. I’m not worried about winning, I’m just more excited that I lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks! (The annoying thing about this is that their scale weighed me at 5 lbs more than my one at home! Poo!) At any rate, I’ll post about how that goes.

I’ll leave you with a cute sleepy pic of Clara. She was curled up last night with me watching Law and Order SVU (our fave!)




2 thoughts on “I’ve lost a 3-year-old!

  1. Fantastic job and fantastic loss this week! Good job on finding other alternatives (the dvds) when you know you can’t get to Zumba!
    And that is absolutely WONDERFUL news about Sadie! That’s really, really awesome! Clara looks so sweet and comfy.

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