So today I am feeling pretty blah once again; I don’t know why, but I have just been super tired this week! I don’t understand this, as I usually have a lot of energy on the weeks that I work out…oh well. I wonder if it’s because I’ve gotten really bad about my pop quota for myself (try to only do 1-2 pops a week) because last week I had a diet coke virtually every morning at work to get me through post-GenCon weekend! Argh! So now I am not having a diet coke every morning, and I think my body is like “WHAT’S GOING ON?!!?” Oh well.

Not much to report here…Patrick and I are celebrating a whole TWO YEARS of being married on September 17, so today I came up with ideas of what to do for him/plans for the anniversary itself. I am really excited about my idea for an at-home date, but don’t want to spoil it yet because he reads this sometimes! (sorry honey!) I don’t know…usually I can’t keep anything from him for more than a day, so he’ll probably get it out of me tonight or tomorrow and then I can post about it, lol. Oh well!

It seems like we just got married yesterday! I think I might even be skinnier now than I was at my wedding 2 years ago, although I honestly didn’t care about and wasn’t monitoring my weight then and have no idea what I weighed! Here I am right before the ceremony (odd face, I know) with a couple of my bridesmaids! (Click on pic for a bigger image!)

kelly dress

What a great day 🙂 At any rate, I don’t have much going on to talk about today. Last night instead of going to zumba like I thought I would, I did a 3 mile walking DVD at home…it was just as sweaty as zumba! I was just feeling pretty sore from 5 days of zumba the week before, and some of my muscles needed a change.

Tonight I plan on doing at least 2 miles with a walking DVD after our new employee work dinner, if not the strength training/cardio resistance band DVD that I like. We’ll see!

Almost…the…weekend! Stay strong everyone!


2 thoughts on “Ugh!

  1. Beautiful dress!!!! Love the pic!

    Chris can get anything out of me too. Ticks me off when I try to keep a secret and he manages every single time to egg it out of me.

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