Weekend Rewind

Well, this weekend turned out to be really nice, yay!

Friday night was game night and we ended up playing a game called 13th Age, which is sort of like DnD but a bit different. The coolest thing about this game is that each character gets to choose “one unique thing” about themselves, and pretty much nothing is off limits (unless it makes their ability levels outrageously awesome). For example, I couldn’t think of ANYTHING whatsoever and just decided to go the funny route, so I decided that I was going to have Cheetos for hands, lol. Bre was basically an anime cartoon, and one person had green skin. At any rate, it turns into a pretty funny game because of all of the ridiculous “unique” things. The DM gets to make up ridiculous things too, and because he liked my cheetos hands so much, he decided that we would all fight a big dragon made of cheetos at the end. It was really fun, and for some reason, seemed a bit easier to me than DnD. It’s my new fave game!

My chocolate cake was ok–I used a box devils food cake mix, and it was kind of dry–but I did make the nutella buttercream from scratch and DANG was it good. Yum yum! I only ate one piece, wooo!

On Saturday morning, I decided to not go to zumba and to just take it easy. I had taken Friday off from working out, but for some reason, my lungs were like DYING this weekend. IDK what it was, oh well. So I just lounged around and then decided to go to the library to get some audio books for my first work travel trip coming up next week to Ohio. I also got the materials needed to make Patrick’s anniversary present (no clues here in case he reads!) and dropped them off at my office so he wouldn’t see them. Then, I decided to go to Walmart to get some things I needed and also do some quick (yeah right, it was a Saturday) grocery shopping. SERIOUSLY THERE IS A REASON TO NEVER GO TO WALMART ON A SATURDAY. Omg it was AWFUL. People just standing around, taking a million years to read labels while I’m just waiting to pick up the kind of peanut butter I need. My GOD people, it’s just peanut butter! AKSDFJASKJDF!!! It drove me nuts. But then I finally got what I needed and went home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents’ farm, about 7 min away from where we live. We hadn’t seen my parents in a while, so we went over and my mom cooked dinner. I had requested her to make her roast, potatoes, and carrots–it’s one of my favorite thing she makes and is so so yummy! I made a snickers apple caramel salad for dessert (cool whip, vanilla pudding, snickers, apples, caramel..yum!) and it was good too. It was nice to hang out with my folks and see the animals. Patrick and I even indulged my dad in a game of Heroclix, he is obsessed and I had never played, and now that I am a gamer I wanted to play it! It was pretty fun, it’s basically like entirely combat with no role-playing. I liked it a lot! He has a LOTR version that I really want to play next time. Overall, it was a really great visit. I love going over there! 🙂 Here are some pics:

Roast, potatoes, carrots. Mom made homemade cornbread and the potatoes and carrots were from her garden!

Roast, potatoes, carrots. Mom made homemade cornbread and the potatoes and carrots were from her garden!

Their big "guard" (more like "lap") dog Yodel hugging Patrick!

Their big “guard” (more like “lap”) dog Yodel hugging Patrick!

Chickens and goats!

Chickens and goats!

Yesterday, we slept in a LOT accidentally because I forgot to set an alarm on Saturday night..oops! The rest of the day was pretty lazy, and I finished Wicked and started the second book in the series, “Son of a Witch.” Wicked is so sad! I was depressed for a bit, lol. I also went to the gym and did my 2nd 30-minute C25K workout…it was hard, because my lungs were totally not cooperating. I got through it, though! After those 30 min were up, I was fed up with the treadmill but wanted to do another 30 minutes, so I did a 1.5 mile quick walk around our indoor track. I was super sweaty, but it was worth it! I stepped on the scale this morning (even though TOM is in town, boo X 3920843) and was happy to see that I’ve lost 1 lb since last Wednesday. We’ll see if that stays the same as my WI this week falls directly in the middle of TOM. Such is life!

Hope everybody is having a great Monday! Zumba tonight!!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind

  1. Sounds like an all around awesome weekend! (Even with a dreaded Wal-Mart trip thrown into the mix!) That roast/potato/carrot sounds just delightful, especially the dessert part!

    Great job on the loss too! Hopefully it will stick and then some come your next WI!

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