Friday the 13th!

So it’s Friday the 13th. I have nothing funny or witty or clever to say about this, so I’ll just leave it at that.

I am pretty tired as it has been a long week at work, but I am super excited that it’s the weekend, especially because I leave for my first work travel trip on Sunday! I’m only gone until Tuesday, however, which just happens to be OUR TWO YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! AWWWW! Since I’m out of town most of the day on Tuesday, we’re going to celebrate next Saturday the 21st.

On Wednesday night I did my third C25k workout and it was a SUPER FAIL all over the place. I completed it and then some, but it was rough. I had decided that I wanted to walk/jog the indoor track at the university where I work since it was so. damn. HOT outside! Not only was it hot, but the humidity was killer. So the indoor track was the best option. I don’t have a locker at the Sports and Rec Center, so I decided to leave everything in my car except for my phone/headphones and car key. I forgot, however, to bring my inhaler and to even take a couple puffs of it before starting the workout…BAD KELLY! My lungs were screaming for air the entire c25k was horrible, but I made it work. Also, I forgot to leave my sunglasses in the car, so they were either bouncing around in the front of my shirt and getting tangled w/ my headphones or falling off my head every 2 seconds. Horrible! After the 30 minute c25k workout, I stayed on the track and speedwalked for another 30 minutes. It was a great workout despite all the fails, and it was GREAT to get back to my car, take a puff of my inhaler, and drink a huge gulp (s) of water. Phew!

Yesterday I did zumba and our instructor was a little off, but it was still a great workout. Tonight is game night and I made this deliciousness:

Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake!

Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake!

Boy, I sure hope it tastes better than it looks–that thing is UG-LY! But I think it’ll be tasty. It’s 9 points for a serving, so I’ll probably go over my points just a little today, but that’s ok. I’ll be earning lots of activity points this week!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day–Patrick and I have to go pick up my rental car for my trip, I need to pack and do laundry, then we have craft therapy session #2–everything pumpkin–at Bre’s house at 6. I’m going over there at 4 to help her make a pumpkin roll, yummy! It should be a good time. Sunday, I’ll leave bright and early to go on my first travel trip, yay! If I’m away from the blog because of this, don’t fret–I’ll be back on Wednesday and fill you all in then!

Hope everybody has a Happy Happy Happy weekend…:)


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