Tomorrow is the first 5k I am walking! OK so obviously I am not super excited about this because I’m only walking it and kind of wish I was able to run it. BUT if I keep up the C25k program, hopefully I’ll be able to run one someday!

Tomorrow’s 5k is a walk/run that takes place on the campus where I work, and it’s happening during Homecoming. I think it’ll be fun–upon suggestion from Desiree @ (sorry I have no idea how to do that awesome thing where I do a link…I am so lame!) I e-mailed the person in charge and asked what the route would be. She said it “toured campus” so that means that there will be some hills..blaaaaaah. Oh well, it’s much more like real life anyway, so that’s fine. Plus it’s supposed to be great weather tomorrow morning, and our campus is beautiful. Just look at this!

So pretty!

So pretty!

After the 5k, I’m going to go home and rest for a bit, then meet my friend Allison from high school at a coffee shop. Then, tomorrow night, Patrick and I are doing the “out to eat” portion of our anniversary celebration and going to Red Lobster. I haven’t been there for a million years, so I’m sure it’ll be good! I am annoyed though because Red Lobster doesn’t take reservations, and so we’ll probably have to wait FOREVER to get seated. Maybe we’ll just go there and eat at like 4 or 5 when all the old people go. lol.

Sunday is crying my eyes out because it’s over Dexter series finale day. I am thinking about making like blood spatter cupcakes or cookies or something for this…idk yet, though. On Monday, I’m off on my next work trip for 5 whole days! It’ll be a long one–but I’ll try and update the blog intermittently so as to avoid RIDICULOUSLY long entries like the last one…:) Have a great weekend, friends!


4 thoughts on “FIRST 5K TOMORROW

  1. Oh wow! I bet that is going to be a great and pretty 5K! Take plenty of pics!!! Have fun at Red Lobster too! (I can eat my weight in those yummy Cheddar biscuits there!) I’ll be right there with you (in spirit) crying about Dexter!!

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