Weekend Update

This blog title makes me think of Tina Fey–I wish I was as funny as her!

At any rate, I had a GREAT weekend! Lots of fun stuff happening, not to mention it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!

Friday night we had game night and played 13th age again–it was really fun! We also had some delicious pork BBQ that Bre had made. She is such a good cook! Our friend Jman was back that night after 2 weeks of being gone for friends’ wedding stuff, so it was great to see him. It was a really good time! We got home around 11:30pm and I went right to bed because I knew I’d have to be up for my FIRST 5K at 7am on Saturday.

So, Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and went to registration. It didn’t end up being just a huge huge race, but there were lots of people who participated. I was signed up to walk, and was just hoping for a sub 58:00 minute race, as that’s the only other 5k pace I’ve ever walked (on the treadmill) several weeks ago. I registered at 7:30 and got my goody bag and numbers…it was super exciting!

Before the race 1

before the race 2

The race itself was GREAT. There were only like 4 of us walkers, and I came in FIRST of the group with a time of 47:45! I was SUPER proud that I had shaved my time by more than 10 minutes, and it was a great workout. There were a couple of hills, so that was hard. Also, like 1/4 of it was on the grass of the baseball fields, so my feet got super soggy and I didn’t like that especially because that was at the BEGINNING of the race, so my feet were wet the whole rest of the time. Overall though, it was a great first race. My lungs weren’t dying and the air was coldish and crisp, but didn’t feel like it when I was walking. I (somehow) managed to snap this beautiful picture while walking at a 4.0 mph pace, lol–how is it not blurry!?!

Isn't this beautiful?

Isn’t this beautiful?

So yeah, I felt great after the race. I felt so good, in fact, that I went over to see my parents on their farm. It was just such a beautiful morning that I wanted to see the animals–I didn’t want to just go home and sit on the couch all morning. So, I went there and visited for a bit. Then Patrick went to play disc golf while I met up with one of my good friends from high school–she’s in med school right now and doing a rotation at a doctor’s office here, so it was really nice to see her. She’s lost quite a bit of weight herself, with what she calls the “med school diet,”–lol, this basically means (in her words), “forgetting to eat.” Ha! She looks really great, though, and makes really good food choices now.

Went to the library to get some audiobooks–Stephen King “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” and “Carrie.” I really want to see Carrie now that it’s coming out as another movie–I’ve never seen the original one, and I know I need to! When I got home, I wanted a treat, so I got some apple cake with ice cream. Look at this yumminess!



OK, So I am now writing this post like a week after I started this post. I can’t even remember what I did on Sunday (besides laundry and watching the HORRIBLE Dexter season/series finale…honestly, it was so horrible…just, ew.). On Monday, I left for Nashville, TN. I had an absolutely AWESOME time! It was a great trip–the way that Nashville does their fair week is really cool–basically, you schedule yourself to go to all these different fairs at different schools (usually like 3-5 per day) and so you end up going around with all the same reps from different colleges. I met some really nice gals and it was really fun to hang out with them–I even carpooled one day with a new friend from Radford University! It was so much fun. I was just SO busy that honestly I had no time whatsoever to update.

As far as food is concerned, I’ve been doing baaaaadly. I mean really bad. I’ve not stopped tracking any food at all, so that is good, but I’ve eaten all my activity points this week and almost all of my weekly points already. I’ve just had really weirdly scheduled things, so I haven’t been able to eat good snacks or food at the right times, etc. It’s just been so messed up–but I’m ok. Yesterday I had a quick break in between Nashville at home and weighed myself in the AM WITH clothes on, which I usually don’t do. It said I had gained 2 lbs since last week, but that’s including clothes, so I probably only had gained a lb or less, maybe? I never know how much clothes weigh. If I only gain 2 lbs with this crazy week of eating I’ll be satisfied. Trying to get back on track on this travel trip…I’ll update more when I’m at home this Thursday-Saturday. Phew! Hope everyone is doing well..sorry for the lack of updates, I promise I’m alive!!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Busy busy busy! Sorry about the gain, but I think once you get past these visits and back to a normal schedule you will be on track again! Just try to make the best choices you can possibly make! Wonderful job with the 5K and congrats on coming in under your goal!

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