C25K and Other Miscellaneous Items

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I am so ecstatic that it’s Friday. I feel like I’ve done nothing but be at work for the past entire week. It doesn’t help that I had to be here on Saturday and LABOR DAY for goodness sake, so I’m ready for a REAL weekend!

I started my first Couch to 5k (C25K) workout this past Wednesday evening. It’s a 30 minute workout, with 20 minutes of alternated jogging/walking…you warm-up on a walk for 5 minutes, jog for 60 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, etc. until the end of the workout. At the end, I was like “you’re seriously over already?!” I could have done at least two of these workouts in a row…I guess zumba has really increased my tolerance for exercise! I also, however, didn’t get an absolutely complete workout because I am technologically challenged and it took me a few minutes to figure out the app on my phone…the app needs to remain open in order to tell me that it’s time to walk or it’s time to run, and I did NOT know that! So, for the first 6 minutes, I’m pretty sure I walked, because the phone didn’t tell me to start jogging. I figured it out after that though, and was able to complete the workout with no worries 🙂 My asthma always kind of gets on my nerves, but it wasn’t too bad during the workout this time.

Overall, I think the C25K program is going to be great for me. It’s a really good supplement for the days that I’m not doing zumba–since I leave on September 15 for work travel for typically 4-6 days at a time, I’ll need the app to run on the treadmill in my hotels. Yay working out while traveling! I definitely didn’t do this last year, and I just felt lazy and gross all the time while traveling. I’ll get to use my company credit card for all my meals, and it’s really tempting to just eat out 80% of the time. It’s a joke within our line of work (admissions) that all of us pretty much could recite Panera’s menu backward and forward and have tried everything on it, lol. A few of my hotels are suite-style, so I’ll have a kitchen in some of them. I’m REALLY going to try and make a few meals for myself while on the road, but when you get busy and you’re visiting 4-5 high schools a day with no lunch break and you have a college fair to work at night, the LAST thing you want to do is cook…so I’m going to play it by ear. I do feel like I have a much better grasp on eating out than I used to, so I really know how to make healthy choices regardless.

I went back to zumba last night after a week and 2 days of being away–I thought it was going to be super killer, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it’d be. I was sweating within the first 10 minutes as usual, but my muscles weren’t screaming like I thought they’d be. I felt so much better about Life, the Universe, and Everything (42 anyone?) after going to zumba…I HATE being away from good workouts for more than a day! After zumba last night, we went to Oktoberfest downtown with Scott, Bre, our friend Nick, and his 4 kids. It was really fun–I got a schnitzel sandwich and TOTALLY forgot to take a pic, but this schnitzel was literally larger than the plate they put it on (regular-sized paper plate)…I was like HOLY SCHNITZEL. They gave me a regular-sized hamburger bun and I was like..umm what am I supposed to do with THAT?! It was absolutely dwarfed by the colossal schnitzel…lol. I only ate 1/2 because I didn’t want to eat the whole monstrosity, and Nick’s kids helped me out with the other 1/2 🙂 They had already each eaten but hey, they’re not my kids–you want some schnitzel guys?! Have at it!! Thank goodness they were there, or else I probably would have eaten it…I was STARVING after zumba. I also had 2 bud lights,and that was it. Overall, quite proud of how I handled myself there!

We don’t really have big plans for this weekend…just relaxing! Tonight is game night and I’m making chocolate cake with nutella buttercream..yuummm. Tomorrow I can’t decide if I want to get up early to go to zumba, or if I want to just sleep in and do C25k. I’ll probably opt to sleep in, quite honestly! We need to go grocery shopping, and then we’re going over to my parents farm to have dinner. I’ll take pics of all the animals! Sunday will be relaxing, probably C25k, and then Dexter for the sniff…second to last episode! Aaaah!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. I’ll leave you with a picture of what Clara looks like every morning while I’m getting ready for work…

She loves to curl up in my spot!

She loves to curl up in my spot!


First Gain in a While

Well, today was the first gain in a while, and I am ok with that! I gained 0.4 lbs this week:

Last week it said "--4.6"

Last week it said “–4.6”

I am actually surprised that I didn’t gain more this week. I fell of the zumba wagon last Thursday because of the new employee dinner, and haven’t gotten back on it yet. I was going to go last night, but oh my WORD the weather here has turned into amazingness, and I just can’t work out inside! Plus, Clara needs exercise too, so last night we took her on the bike trail for a walk. Look how pretty it was!

Although you really can't see much because of the BLINDING sun!

Although you really can’t see much because of the BLINDING sun!

It’s really nice again tonight, so instead of going to zumba, I’m starting my first Couch to 5k workout! Yay! I’m waiting until the sun goes down a little, but am just going to do the workout in my neighborhood. I want to go on the trail, but Patrick probably isn’t up for the C25K program yet and I don’t want to go on the trail by myself. Oh well, it’s still nice to be outside! I also bought a Daft Punk album to work out with–so that should be fun. I PUBLICLY PROMISE YOU ALL RIGHT NOW AT THIS MOMENT IN HISTORY THAT I SWEAR TO DO ZUMBA TOMORROW NIGHT AFTER WORK. I have to get back on the wagon, and better late than never. I really don’t want to fall out of my habits here, although I’m going to be traveling for work coming up soon and will then have to say goodbye to zumba for a while. I plan on doing the C25k plan, however, while traveling because all my hotels have fitness centers! Yay!

This week has been OUTRAGEOUS for food in my office. On Monday of course, there were biscuits and gravy and coffee cake. I resisted the biscuits and gravy for breakfast while everyone else was eating, but had some for lunch and a piece of coffee cake for dessert. After I ate all this nonsense (although it was delicious and GOD LOVE the woman who made those biscuits and gravy…so…good!!), Patrick called me and asked if I wanted to go over to Bre and Scott’s to celebrate Jman’s birthday that night. Now that I’m writing this right now, I realize that I’ve pretty much already written about all of this, lol. SORRY! At any rate, I did NOT say no to cake at Bre’s (eating not one, but 1.5 pieces…gaaaah KELLY!), and I also had 2 beers. Suffice it to say that I went way over just dipping into my activity points this past week and into most of my weeklies…Y-I-K-E-S. Good thing today began a new day!!

Yesterday, our boss brought in 3 big boxes of donuts for our meeting with athletics. I actually managed to say NO TO THESE! WOWZA! So I was really proud of that.

Today, however, was a different story (although I made pretty decent choices today.) Here’s a picture of our app reading room this afternoon:


I’m not sure if you can see everything there or not: there is a giant can of cheeseballs in the back corner, as well as a giant carton of goldfish. There is a box of leftover pizza (we had pizza for lunch for our student tour guides–classes start tomorrow!), a big cake in the middle (our VP’s bday cake), and the tupperware container next to the pizza is filled with a chex mix/cheerio/m & m/pretzel mixture covered in almond bark leftover from Monday, lovingly referred to by all in our office as “crack” because of how addictive it is. SO MUCH FOOD! I managed to just eat 2 pieces of pizza for lunch, and I actually said NO to the birthday cake and sat in the room while everyone else ate! Yay rah for me!

Yesterday was our 6-week weight loss challenge 2nd weigh in results. In 6 weeks, I lost 7.6 lbs, 3.11 % of my body weight! I still have no idea who won, but I don’t even care, because that was a great accomplishment. Now to get back in gear this week…I can do it!

Hope you all are having a great week–only 2 more days to the weekend!

Also, just remembered that my friend Des over @ http://skinnygeekwithin.blogspot.com/ nominated me for this blog question thingy! Thanks Desiree! I can’t remember the official name of this, but I’ll nominate a couple of folks after I answer 🙂

1. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Um, can I answer that with CARBS? Lol…no, but for real, I think I would probably pick any form of potatoes. I absolutely friggin’ love potatoes in all ways, shapes, and forms. (Especially french fries and tator tots…!)

2. What’s your greatest accomplishment?
I received my Master’s degree in viola performance at age 24 from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music–CCM is one of the best schools in the nation for viola! 🙂

3. Who inspires you?
One of my bosses and mentors from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp (I still need to write a blog entry about this place…). He is one of the only people I know who truly “walks the walk” and “talks the talk.”!

4. Who is/are your blog crush(es)?
Gotta go with Katie from Runs for Cookies (www.runsforcookies.com) and Desiree from Skinny Geek Within (http://skinnygeekwithin.blogspot.com/). They’re both so honest and up front about their weight loss journeys, and I really appreciate that. PLUS, Desiree is a fellow gamer–gotta love it!

5. What’s one thing on your bucket list?
I own Rosetta Stone Spanish–I’d been really diligent about keeping up with it for a while, but fell off the wagon (sound familiar?!). When I have this weight-loss thing figured out, I’m going to resume my Spanish studies with Rosetta Stone–I want to be fluent and I want to travel to Spain–one of my best friends lives in London and has offered me a place to stay whenever I visit–tix from London to Spain are very cheap!

6. What’s something we don’t know about you?
I absolutely LOVE giving people gifts. I mean, probably unhealthily so…I spend tons of time and energy working on birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc for my friends and family–and I don’t like to give just plain jane normal gifts–the more creative, the better! If I had endless amounts of money, I’d spend a lot of it on gift-giving!

OK, I think that’s it! I want to nominate:

Jessica from It Is Not Just About the Food at http://itisnotjustaboutthefood.blogspot.com/
Jennifer from Quest of a Chunky Mommy at http://questofachunkymommy.blogspot.com/

Trying to stay afloat!

Aaaaaaah ok I have been so bad lately! And sorry I never update this on the weekends!

We had a nice weekend, but the fact that I had to work today annoyed the #$*(@(* out of me! Argh! Oh well, nothing I can do about it except suck it up and smile 🙂

Friday was a very very busy day. It was move-in day for our freshman, so starting around 2pm, we went around to the residence halls to start greeting parents and students that we’ve recruited througout the year. It was really fun to see the students, but DANG IT WAS HOT. I’m pretty sure the heat index was in the 100’s, and it was super humid. So, so gross. But it was worth it to see all of the students! That was really fun.

On Saturday, we had to come back to work to sit in the opening symposium and get introduced by our VP to the students and parents. It was pretty neat, and thankfully, AIR CONDITIONED. I also helped bag in the bookstore that day, as it’s a great opportunity to see parents and say hello. I was only on campus for about 3 hours, but still, it was a Saturday! I shouldn’t complain, because it was really neat to see the students do this:


So, pictured here you see the current student orientation leaders lined up getting ready to greet the freshman. All 575 of the freshman students then came through the line of two current students and got high-5’s from everyone, while they were all cheering and yelling them on! It was so awesome, and really welcoming. Our campus prides itself on being a really big family, so this is a tradition they have every year. It was really neat to see!

After that, I went home and worked out–did the 37 minute strength training/combo cardio DVD that I hadn’t done since I started all the zumba. OMG, it was so easy–I mean I barely broke a sweat and at the end was feeling like “that was over…???” That’s good, I guess, because it means zumba is increasing my tolerance…but I was annoyed, because I felt like I didn’t get a very good workout. Plus, it was 392038439 million degrees outside, so I wasn’t ’bout to go out there and kill myself…oh well, any workout is better than no workout!

On Sunday, we went to Bre and Scott’s and just hung out for a little bit since we missed game night Friday (Scott and boys went to a bachelor party, Bre and I stayed home and watched Titanic documentaries, lol). We played a cool new game called “King of Tokyo” and then Bre and I went to “Craft Therapy Session I”. This is something that she and our friend from high school developed to give some of us ladies a chance to get together every so often and do some fun pinterest-y things that we have always wanted to try but haven’t had the courage to do. Last night, we did wreaths. Everyone else did a fall wreath, but I did a Christmas wreath because I already have a fall wreath. Here’s how mine turned out:


I am not just super into it, but I like the flowers and the red berry thingies. I didn’t realize the wreath was going to be so huge, so I didn’t plan for enough materials. Oh well, it’s homemade, and that’s what counts! Next time, we’ll be @ Bre’s and I think we’re going to do something with pumpkins. Fun!

OK so the reason I’m trying to stay afloat is because I haven’t done ANY ZUMBA this past week and it’s driving me nuts…I just haven’t had the time with all the start-of-school events. I did a 3-mile walk at home DVD on Wednesday last week and that was great, but other than that, I’ve been swamped. I was going to go to zumba tonight, but today is Jman’s bday (oh yeah, AND a national holiday that I forgot about because I have to WORK ON IT) and so we’re getting together for a cookout at Bre and Scott’s. I’m just going to do hopefully a quick 2 miler when I get home before we go over there.

I’ve also been horrible with food because I thought I’d be going to zumba more–not an excuse, but I do ok when I don’t eat just great and do zumba like 5 times a week. Argh. Today one of my fave ladies at work brought her famous biscuits and gravy, and I resisted for breakfast, but had some at lunch because I had forgotten my other lunch at home–BOO. Plus I had coffee cake for dessert because I didn’t know that we were going to have a cookout this evening until after I ate, and Bre is making a cake for Jman. I’ll have to say no to that–I only have 2 activity points left to eat before dipping into my weekly 49 points, and I HATE doing that. Tomorrow is the final weigh in for the 6 week weight loss challenge, and while I know I lost some weight, I’m sure it won’t be as much as I thought it’d be because I think I’ll gain this week. BOOO.

Oh well, I just need to get back on track with working out and not psych myself out. I can do this…I can do this!

Hope everybody is having a great holiday, whether you’re working (oh wait that’s JUST ME) or not! 🙂