I really don’t have much else to say 🙂 We are expecting bad weather tonight and we don’t get trick-or-treaters out where we live, so I think we’re just going to chill at home and stay inside! Our city actually cancelled trick-or-treating tonight because of the weather and officially moved it to tomorrow. Crazy!

I’m planning on zumba after work today. May only be able to do 30 minutes again, but I’m going to try and stick it all out !!

More to come tomorrow…hope you all have a ghoulish evening!


SO Sorry for Going AWOL!

Sorry y’all, I have been out of town for the past week and had no access to a laptop, and didn’t feel like blogging on my phone. So the good news is, I’m ALIVE! Yay! I got really pretty sick two weeks ago and missed work on Thursday and Friday, then went to Peoria, IL to see one of my BFF’s from Blue Lake (camp) get married!! It was a great wedding. Then, I went up to Ann Arbor/Detroit MI for my last work trip. I got to see some of my best friends from camp up there and we ate some GREAT food. It was a great trip! Got home on Friday, then went to the IACAC (Indiana Association of College Admission Counseling) Congress, a 2-day conference in Indianapolis. Got back from that yesterday, and now I’m FINALLY home for the rest of the year! Wooooo! Now, for the bad news:

It says "--11.0"...oops!

It says “–11.0″…oops!

Yep, that says “–11.0”. As you may or may not remember, my last WI said “–13.6”. That means I gained 2.6 lbs in the last two weeks! Boo! So I can’t say that I’ve lost 50 lbs anymore, lol. Oh well…I’m back on track and feeling good. I honestly wasn’t surprised…I fell out of exercising hard when I was sick, and although I did manage to walk on the treadmill every single day in Michigan, it wasn’t to the intensity that I’d normally do with zumba. Plus, let’s be honest…all of this:



french toast


And that’s just like 1/3 of all the yummies I ate up there! I went totally overboard and ended up being in the negative points range last week (that’s the first time in my life I’ve EVER gone into the negatives…), so I really can’t be too surprised. I’m actually pretty proud of how well I’m taking it though–I’ll just work these 2.6 lbs off like I did the other 47! No worries!

Also, I had a huge NSV when I went shopping at Target in MI. We don’t have a Target where I live, and they have PLENTY outside of Detroit. So I went twice, and the first time, I found an adorable dress on sale ($12!) in the WOMEN’S section, I tell you, NOT the Plus section!!! I almost died. Granted, it is an XXL, but still–50 lbs ago, I know it wouldn’t have fit. I also got a really cute little yellow sweater to go with it. Look!

me pony dress

You can’t tell from that pic, but it has little ponies all over it:


I love it!! I can’t wait to wear it, I’ll probably wear it to Thanksgiving this year.

Patrick and I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and dressed up as Peter and Lois Griffin from “Family Guy”:

patrick me

Bre was telling me that she thought we should use these costumes at Gencon next year–I’m hoping by then (August 2014) mine will be too big! Speaking of Bre, she and Scott dressed up as Dexter and Deb from “Dexter”…don’t they look awesome??:

dex deb

We had a great time. Sorry for the jumpiness of this post–I wanted it to be an update but not a novel. Hope you all are having a great week–Happy Hump Day!!!


Yep, that’s right folks! I’ve lost the equivalent weight of a small bale of hay. Or a couple of BIG bags of dog food. Or the weight of a 5-7 year old child!!! Wooohoooo! I am so excited! I got on the scale this morning and saw this:



I sneaked this weigh-in yesterday, but recorded it officially today. I could not BELIEVE it…that’s basically almost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! I am totally thrilled. I think my metabolism may be just totally coasting off of what I’ve done before travel season–but working out and staying somewhat on-track at my hotels has really paid off as well. Technically, I’m down 50.6 lbs, but who’s counting?? 🙂

I went to zumba last night for about 30 minutes, but had to leave at break. About 10 min into the workout, I got REALLY nauseous–I think this is because I hadn’t had a protein bar for a LONG time, and I ate one last night right before working out. Oops–oh well! The 30 min that I was there was a great workout. Tomorrow, I’ll eat a protein bar a couple of hours before working out, and then hopefully I’ll be ok for the full hour. We’ll see–I was really surprised that I couldn’t make it. I think part of it was that there were also TONS more people there than usual, and we were really crowded for space–I got a little claustrophobic and anxious, so that probably had something to do with it as well. IDK…but at least I got 30 min in.

Patrick and I have been watching the anime “Full Metal Alchemist”–it is SO GOOD! I don’t normally just love animes, but I really love this one. Plus, American Horror Story “Coven” Episode 2 is on tonight–I am excited for an evening of TV !

Here are some adorable dog pictures that Patrick sent me this morning:



Happy Hump Day!

Happy Monday!

Well, it was a nice weekend. Look at how cute Clara is!



On Friday night, Patrick ended up feeling ok after the tooth pull so we went over to Bre and Scott’s and watched World War Z. We really liked it! It didn’t end how I thought it would, but that’s ok. It was still pretty action packed, and we all agreed that if fast zombies happen like in that movie, humanity is pretty much screwed. lol.

Saturday, I got to sleep in!! Yay! We also went on a nice walk with Clara because it was absolutely beautiful outside. Then, we went to the Covered Bridge Festival–this festival lasts for 2 weeks and draws thousands of people from all over the country, and my favorite location is just about 30 minutes from us. We went and I got an apple dumpling w/ pumpkin ice cream (yum–meant to take a pic!) I also got a cute little reindeer Christmas ornament (I LOVE CHRISTMAS) and some spice-smelling wax to melt in our warmer. It was a good time, overall!

Yesterday, I got up early and went shopping at Aldi. Love aldi–so cheap! Then, Patrick and I went to Indianapolis to meet his family to eat lunch (celebrating his brother’s 23rd bday!) It was also sort of a “going-away” lunch for his brother–he got a job as a cruise ship musician and is leaving this Saturday for a long cruise in the Carribean! Pretty exciting stuff. We ended up going to Outback, and I did a pretty good job. I ordered the small portion of coconut shrimp with steamed broccoli as a side, and only ate a TINY bit of the bloomin’ onion that they got for appetizers (they always get that @ Outback–yummy, but very high point).

When we got home, I attemped the 3rd workout of the 3rd week of C25k, but it was a big fail…I tried to do it outside and it was still a little hot. Plus, I think I may have still been full from Outback–IDK, I only did 20 minutes of it, which is better than nothing, but I just couldn’t finish the last running portion. I’ve been away from super intense exercise like that for a couple of weeks, so that’s probably part of it. I get to go to my absolute FAVORITE zumba class tonight, so I’m really excited about that!!!

We also went over to Bre and Scott’s for the premiere of the Walking Dead. Bre and I made a COMPLETELY from scratch pumpkin pie, and I ate a slice of that. Needless to say, I’m not expecting a loss this week with the way I’ve been eating. I think I’ll be on track for the weekdays in this week since I’m at work, but I have my next travel trip all next week–once I get back for good, I’ll be just fine. Wooohoo!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

The Bluegrass Blues

I really did have a pretty decent time in Kentucky this past week, especially considering that I was able to hang out with one of my bff’s from college for 2 nights in a row!! That was actually really fun–I just didn’t feel very well on this trip.

On Sunday when I got to the beautiful state of KY, I started feeling really sneezy and a bit sick. I’ve concluded that it was probably allergies, but it left me pretty congested and miserable for the whole time I was there. Plus, TOM was in town, so it really was kind of a gross-feeling week.

I did have some highlights though:

Sunset outside of the window behind my table at a college fair in Louisville

Sunset outside of the window behind my table at a college fair in Louisville

Look how nice my hotel in Lexington was!!

Look how nice my hotel in Lexington was!!

A "short" nonfat cinnamon dolce latte--it's such a cute small size!!

A “short” nonfat cinnamon dolce latte–it’s such a cute small size!!

Pappalinos NY style pizza with their own cured bacon on top...complete w/ 2 garlic knots!!..yum

Pappalinos NY style pizza with their own cured bacon on top…complete w/ 2 garlic knots!!..yum

My bff from college and I spent a lot of town on Bardstown Road, a really neat section of Louisville that is pretty hip. We went to “The Bards Town” for dinner one night where all of their menu options are named in Shakespearean style–it was so fun! Then the next day for lunch, I went back to that area and ate the above pictured pizza…it was SO. GOOD. They give you a huge slice of pizza (yes, that in the picture is “one” slice) and 2 garlic knots OR a cannoli OR a cookie and a drink at lunch for only like $6 or something crazy. The lady told me that they cure their own bacon so that was the topping I got…it was delish, and since I couldn’t eat it all for lunch, it doubled as my dinner. Yum!

I managed to work out 3 of the 4 days I was there, doing mostly fast walking on the treadmill in increments of either 30 or 45 min…not really up to my typical workout standards, but apparently it was enough for this:



(It says –11.2) And to that I say a huge W. T. F. ?!?!?!?! I cannot believe that I lost 2.2 lbs in the last week…I ate such bad things and didn’t work out up to my standards, plus TOM is in town–I mean, seriously? I stepped on and off the scale about 10 times this morning and even asked the hubby if he recalibrated it while I was gone, but he said that he hasn’t touched it…so what HAPPENED?!? I am so confused. But I’ll take it! I mean, now I’m down under 225, and I am only like 1.5 lbs away from my FIFTY POUNDS LOST mark.Yaaaaaaaay party party party!!! So that was exciting. This week, since I’m at home and not traveling, I’m going to get to do zumba again, so I’m hoping for a nice loss next week as well. We’ll see!

Patrick is at the dentist right now getting a tooth pulled and I hope he is ok!! I’m not sure if we’ll end up going to game night tonight because of this, I may end up taking care of him, which of course I would do over game night any night!! 🙂

Anyone have any fun weekend plans? We’re looking forward to The Walking Dead premiere on Sunday night!!!

Also, I’ll leave you with this: my parents have recently acquired a really cute little barn kitty that they have named Shiloh–the other night, we were all chilling in their living room and we heard a scratching noise on the front door (which is VERY far away from the barn)…we turn around to see this!



It’s hard to see, but little Shiloh had jumped up and was clinging to the screen door of the house–she wanted in SO BADLY!

I am Alive…

I promise!! I am just finishing up a long travel trip this week and am headed home tonight. I’ve been PMSing and have some kind of weird cold/allergy/sinus something or other this week, so that has been a perfect storm for over-eating all the wrong kinds of food–but have mostly stayed on track.

More to come tomorrow, complete with a weigh-in! :/

Tales from the Road

WARNING: LONG ENTRY! Hello friends! First of all:



WHAT?!?! I LOST 0.2 LBS SINCE THE LAST TIME I WEIGHED IN ON 9/16! Granted, that’s only 0.2 lbs gone in two weeks, but considering all the crap that I ate while on the road (mac n cheese, cookies, ice cream, etc.), I am totally amazed and really proud of myself. I did try to work out as much as possible while I was on the road, so I got a couple of C25k treadmill workouts done, and I think that really helped. I was so surprised when I stepped on the scale, I thought I’d gained like 3 lbs or something!

As I mentioned before, I had a really great time in Nashville, TN last week. While I was there, I got to eat some great food and go to some neat places. One of the first nights that I was there, my newly made friend from another university and I went to eat at this place called “Caney Fork Restaurant.” It was really close to both of our hotels, so we just met there–it said it had “camp style” cuisine, which sounded awesome to me. I also saw some banners on the outside of the restaurant that rated it as one of the best dining experiences in Nashville, so I was sold! I really wanted to eat as much local food as possible vs. chain restaurants, so this was a good choice. When I got there, I saw that it looked like a log cabin on the outside–so cute! Then, on the inside, they had this amazing waterfall:



Complete with huuuuge swimming catfish, although he doesn’t look that big in this pic:

The staff calls him "Bubba"

The staff calls him “Bubba”

I really had a hard time deciding what to eat, and settled on fried fish with fries. When I got this, I didn’t realize it also came with two sides, so I got fried okra and steamed veggies. It was WAY TOO MUCH food, I mean there was no way I could eat it all, but everything on the menu seemed to be this kind of a portion:



I should’ve taken a picture after I “finished” eating–I probably ate half a piece of fish, a few fries, a bite of steamed veggies, and like 3-4 okra. I just got really really full, I think it’s because I’ve lost so much weight and my stomach can’t handle it. Not to mention that although it was delicious, the batter on the fish was thicker than HELL, so it was just too rich for me. I ate one of the hushpuppies as well but had to call it quits after that. My friend ordered a piece of their famous chocolate peanut butter pie, and I had a few bites of that, but afterward, I was DONE. I was glad I didn’t eat everything, or else I would’ve felt even worse than I did, lol!

One of the nights, I went out to eat with a sorority sister who I hadn’t seen since my wedding 2 years ago!! It was so great to see her–we were just talking the other day about how great it is to have friendship where it feels like absolutely no time has passed in between seeing each other after long periods of time, and that’s the kind of friendship it is. She took me to this place called the RosePepper Cantina, where the “best margarita in Nashville” lives 🙂 It was SO YUMMY! The place is apparently a mecca for tequila lovers. I had a quesadilla, and then we went to this ice cream place across the street called “Jeni’s.” They had all kinds of delectable gourmet ice cream flavors–I got buckeye and pistachio honey. They were SO GOOD! I’m not sure if you can see the menu from this pic, but they had all kinds of amazing looking flavors–it was really hard to choose:

It was so cute in there!

It was so cute in there!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip, and I can’t wait to go back next year. This past week, I was in Cincinnati, OH, where I went to grad school! On Sunday, I met up with my bff from grad school Sarah and we went on a 4 mile walk in Eden Park–this park, if you don’t know, is SUPER hilly–I mean at one point I felt like we were climbing a mountain (which is ridiculous because obviously it was just a hill) but the incline was reeeally steep. It was a great workout, and when we got to our cars back at the top, the view made it all worth it:

cincy 1

cincy 2

After the walk, we just caught up. She is such a wonderful person–she ran 3 MARATHONS IN ONE YEAR, people. I mean, for real. And at least one (if not more, I can’t remember!) was the Cincy Flying Pig, which is one of the hardest marathons to run because of the hills. So SHE IS AMAZING and I love her! It was so nice of her to walk with me that day.

On Monday, I was doing high school visits and college fairs all day, and that evening, I decided that I really wanted to go to the best ice cream place in the world (sorry Jeni’s)–GRAETERS. If you have never been to Cincinnati and you love ice cream, I would highly recommend visiting just for the sake of eating some of this stuff. It’s Oprah’s favorite ice cream and she has it shipped to her–you can have it shipped anywhere (but just a warning, it is $$$$$$$$$$ to ship!) Graeter’s uses what is called the french pot method of making ice cream, and they only ever make 2 gallons at a time. I swear to you, it is the creamiest, most delicious, most amazing ice cream on the planet. All other ice cream that you eat after Graeter’s will just taste like nasty flavored ice crystals, I PROMISE YOU. So, I had been missing this place a lot since graduating from grad school and decided to go back. I got “one” scoop of pumpkin and “one” scoop of choc chip cookie dough (my fave) and whipped cream…ok, clearly, she did not give me one scoop of each:



I probably ate about 2/3 of this, just because I got soooo full. It was so good and just what I was craving!

On Tuesday, I went to see “Prisoners” and essentially had movie popcorn for dinner. It was a delightful evening, and the movie was great. Yesterday, I went to my fave mac-n-cheese place in Cinci and got the “BB King,” which is the bbq pulled pork mac n cheese–omgoooooooooooosh it was so good, just like I remembered it! Although since my stomach has shrunk since I’ve moved away from Cinci, I could eat a lot less of it:





I was simultaneously ashamed and proud of myself for not finishing most of it, lol! I also got together with my former boss when I worked in CCM Admissions and my best viola friend from grad school. It was so great to see both of them–then I worked another college fair, packed up, drove back to our house, and here I am! Next week, I’ll be gone on another work trip from Sunday until Thursday–my friend that I made in Nashville TN will be in the same area as me, so hopefully we can hang out again! I won’t be able to weigh in again next Wednesday, so just stay tuned for the week after 🙂 Hope everyone has a great weekend…anyone have fun plans?