The Bluegrass Blues

I really did have a pretty decent time in Kentucky this past week, especially considering that I was able to hang out with one of my bff’s from college for 2 nights in a row!! That was actually really fun–I just didn’t feel very well on this trip.

On Sunday when I got to the beautiful state of KY, I started feeling really sneezy and a bit sick. I’ve concluded that it was probably allergies, but it left me pretty congested and miserable for the whole time I was there. Plus, TOM was in town, so it really was kind of a gross-feeling week.

I did have some highlights though:

Sunset outside of the window behind my table at a college fair in Louisville

Sunset outside of the window behind my table at a college fair in Louisville

Look how nice my hotel in Lexington was!!

Look how nice my hotel in Lexington was!!

A "short" nonfat cinnamon dolce latte--it's such a cute small size!!

A “short” nonfat cinnamon dolce latte–it’s such a cute small size!!

Pappalinos NY style pizza with their own cured bacon on top...complete w/ 2 garlic knots!!..yum

Pappalinos NY style pizza with their own cured bacon on top…complete w/ 2 garlic knots!!..yum

My bff from college and I spent a lot of town on Bardstown Road, a really neat section of Louisville that is pretty hip. We went to “The Bards Town” for dinner one night where all of their menu options are named in Shakespearean style–it was so fun! Then the next day for lunch, I went back to that area and ate the above pictured pizza…it was SO. GOOD. They give you a huge slice of pizza (yes, that in the picture is “one” slice) and 2 garlic knots OR a cannoli OR a cookie and a drink at lunch for only like $6 or something crazy. The lady told me that they cure their own bacon so that was the topping I got…it was delish, and since I couldn’t eat it all for lunch, it doubled as my dinner. Yum!

I managed to work out 3 of the 4 days I was there, doing mostly fast walking on the treadmill in increments of either 30 or 45 min…not really up to my typical workout standards, but apparently it was enough for this:



(It says –11.2) And to that I say a huge W. T. F. ?!?!?!?! I cannot believe that I lost 2.2 lbs in the last week…I ate such bad things and didn’t work out up to my standards, plus TOM is in town–I mean, seriously? I stepped on and off the scale about 10 times this morning and even asked the hubby if he recalibrated it while I was gone, but he said that he hasn’t touched it…so what HAPPENED?!? I am so confused. But I’ll take it! I mean, now I’m down under 225, and I am only like 1.5 lbs away from my FIFTY POUNDS LOST mark.Yaaaaaaaay party party party!!! So that was exciting. This week, since I’m at home and not traveling, I’m going to get to do zumba again, so I’m hoping for a nice loss next week as well. We’ll see!

Patrick is at the dentist right now getting a tooth pulled and I hope he is ok!! I’m not sure if we’ll end up going to game night tonight because of this, I may end up taking care of him, which of course I would do over game night any night!! 🙂

Anyone have any fun weekend plans? We’re looking forward to The Walking Dead premiere on Sunday night!!!

Also, I’ll leave you with this: my parents have recently acquired a really cute little barn kitty that they have named Shiloh–the other night, we were all chilling in their living room and we heard a scratching noise on the front door (which is VERY far away from the barn)…we turn around to see this!



It’s hard to see, but little Shiloh had jumped up and was clinging to the screen door of the house–she wanted in SO BADLY!


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