Happy Monday!

Well, it was a nice weekend. Look at how cute Clara is!



On Friday night, Patrick ended up feeling ok after the tooth pull so we went over to Bre and Scott’s and watched World War Z. We really liked it! It didn’t end how I thought it would, but that’s ok. It was still pretty action packed, and we all agreed that if fast zombies happen like in that movie, humanity is pretty much screwed. lol.

Saturday, I got to sleep in!! Yay! We also went on a nice walk with Clara because it was absolutely beautiful outside. Then, we went to the Covered Bridge Festival–this festival lasts for 2 weeks and draws thousands of people from all over the country, and my favorite location is just about 30 minutes from us. We went and I got an apple dumpling w/ pumpkin ice cream (yum–meant to take a pic!) I also got a cute little reindeer Christmas ornament (I LOVE CHRISTMAS) and some spice-smelling wax to melt in our warmer. It was a good time, overall!

Yesterday, I got up early and went shopping at Aldi. Love aldi–so cheap! Then, Patrick and I went to Indianapolis to meet his family to eat lunch (celebrating his brother’s 23rd bday!) It was also sort of a “going-away” lunch for his brother–he got a job as a cruise ship musician and is leaving this Saturday for a long cruise in the Carribean! Pretty exciting stuff. We ended up going to Outback, and I did a pretty good job. I ordered the small portion of coconut shrimp with steamed broccoli as a side, and only ate a TINY bit of the bloomin’ onion that they got for appetizers (they always get that @ Outback–yummy, but very high point).

When we got home, I attemped the 3rd workout of the 3rd week of C25k, but it was a big fail…I tried to do it outside and it was still a little hot. Plus, I think I may have still been full from Outback–IDK, I only did 20 minutes of it, which is better than nothing, but I just couldn’t finish the last running portion. I’ve been away from super intense exercise like that for a couple of weeks, so that’s probably part of it. I get to go to my absolute FAVORITE zumba class tonight, so I’m really excited about that!!!

We also went over to Bre and Scott’s for the premiere of the Walking Dead. Bre and I made a COMPLETELY from scratch pumpkin pie, and I ate a slice of that. Needless to say, I’m not expecting a loss this week with the way I’ve been eating. I think I’ll be on track for the weekdays in this week since I’m at work, but I have my next travel trip all next week–once I get back for good, I’ll be just fine. Wooohoo!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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