Yep, that’s right folks! I’ve lost the equivalent weight of a small bale of hay. Or a couple of BIG bags of dog food. Or the weight of a 5-7 year old child!!! Wooohoooo! I am so excited! I got on the scale this morning and saw this:



I sneaked this weigh-in yesterday, but recorded it officially today. I could not BELIEVE it…that’s basically almost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! I am totally thrilled. I think my metabolism may be just totally coasting off of what I’ve done before travel season–but working out and staying somewhat on-track at my hotels has really paid off as well. Technically, I’m down 50.6 lbs, but who’s counting?? 🙂

I went to zumba last night for about 30 minutes, but had to leave at break. About 10 min into the workout, I got REALLY nauseous–I think this is because I hadn’t had a protein bar for a LONG time, and I ate one last night right before working out. Oops–oh well! The 30 min that I was there was a great workout. Tomorrow, I’ll eat a protein bar a couple of hours before working out, and then hopefully I’ll be ok for the full hour. We’ll see–I was really surprised that I couldn’t make it. I think part of it was that there were also TONS more people there than usual, and we were really crowded for space–I got a little claustrophobic and anxious, so that probably had something to do with it as well. IDK…but at least I got 30 min in.

Patrick and I have been watching the anime “Full Metal Alchemist”–it is SO GOOD! I don’t normally just love animes, but I really love this one. Plus, American Horror Story “Coven” Episode 2 is on tonight–I am excited for an evening of TV !

Here are some adorable dog pictures that Patrick sent me this morning:



Happy Hump Day!


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