November is Here!


OK so y’all are going to think I’m CRAZY, but for me, the beginning of November means the beginning of Christmas season. I am totally and completely obsessed with Christmas and the holiday season, so I really feel that I should not have to ONLY celebrate it for one month out of the year!! So, I begin my Christmas awesomeness on Nov. 1. Today, I started listening to Christmas music (I know, I know, I’m crazy!) BUT I never get tired of what I’m listening to, because I use Songza–( This is basically like a Pandora, but there are NO advertisements and there are so many more genres than Pandora. Today, I’m listening to “Acoustic Guitar Christmas” because it’s good for the office–but I could listen to jazzy Christmas, bluegrass Christmas, Classical Christmas, Christmas pop, the list goes ON and on. I would highly encourage you music junkies to check out the website–it is fantastic!

In other news, I stepped on the scale this morning for funsies (is it ever REALLY for funsies? :)) and saw “–11.6,” which means that I’ve lost 0.6 lbs since Wednesday. PHEW! I am so glad, as my eating just hasn’t gotten all that much better but is certainly better than last week’s binge-fest. I realized that next week is TOM week, so that’s excellent…not. Probably won’t see much of a loss there!

Look at these beautiful pictures of the view outside of my office window this week:

tree 1

tree 2

tree 3

Before we know it, the leaves will be gone!! Mr. In It to Lose It and I are planning on going to Nashville, IN this week to “see the leaves.” Hopefully they won’t all be gone by then!! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “November is Here!

  1. Can I say first off that I am super jealous of your view? I have a cub wall with a Hello Kitty calendar to stare at.

    Totes random, but I had a dream that your dog was on my bed! I couldn’t even remember who the dog belonged to in my dream, but I was like… what dog is this… Clara?!?

    Totally random and strange.

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