Enough is Enough!

I have been SO so bad about food lately. I mean, super bad. It all started in Michigan when I went to visit a couple of my friends while working–we had a blast, and I don’t regret the food because it was super yummy, but I do regret that it has caused me to slip back into a lot of my old eating patterns. That week that I was in Michigan, I ate into NEGATIVE point values (something like –60 points…wtf? That’s horrible!) and I’d never done that before. This past week, I managed to stick with just my activity points and my weeklies, and have eaten all my activity points so far (30 points) and most of my weeklies (I think I have 13 of those left!) So I am glad that I haven’t gone into the negatives this week–but still.

My willpower has really just been lacking, and I have been so proud of myself for so long about my will to resist different yummies. Last week at work, I had brought my lunch, but my boss decided to order pizza. I ate the pizza of course, plus a cream cheese pumpkin cupcake that I had made and brought to work. I had originally planned on just the cupcake as a treat, but ate both. On Friday night at game night, I had 2, I TELL YOU TWO, pieces of coffee cake. Another example–Saturday night, Patrick and I went to his cousin’s 10th bday party in Indy at a giant arcade/go cart/pizza place thingy. I ate chicken fingers, pizza, and 1.5 cinnamon rolls (granted, they were all smaller portions that I would have eaten a year ago–but STILL.) I did manage to say no to Aden’s birthday cake, which was a frakking miracle, but I was still disappointed in myself.

Yesterday, we went to Brown County (Nashville, IN) to see the leaves. It was an absolutely beautiful day and Patrick and I had a lot of fun just hanging out together and going to lunch/shopping/seeing all the leaves. Look, here is my handsome hubs at the Big Woods Brewing Company Brewery!


I didn’t drink any beer, but later, we went to Chateau Thomas Winery and we (mostly I) destroyed a bottle of our fave, their Sweet Aubergine:

chateau thomas

It was yummy! But my food yesterday was awful. And since I am trying to be accountable to myself with this blog, I’m going to go full disclosure here. I started out so well with a Special K Protein Bar for 2 points–then we went to a coffee shop in Nashville, and I had a “Milk hom,” a steamed milk with cloves, cinnamon, honey, and a shot of snickerdoodle flavoring (you get to pick your flavor). I counted that as about 4 points. Then, we went to the Nashville House for lunch–they have some amazing fried bread and apple butter. Lets just say I had way too many pieces of that…plus ice cream for dessert later that day, then the bottle of wine, and then when we got home last night, we were STARVED from walking around all day that I got effing Wendy’s for dinner during Walking Dead. AHHHH WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. I stepped on the scale today (and although TOM may be partly responsible) I was up +0.4 from last week’s WI–might I remind you, I was up 2.6 lbs last week, so now I’m up 3 lbs total. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU WHORE. (Just needed a quick Mean Girls reference).

So, today, I am seriously thinking that enough is enough. I am really proud of myself–today at work my coworker brought in a sour cream coffee cake and several iced scones. I didn’t eat a single bite of either! Something has clicked in my brain again, and it took me 3 pounds to get back to it. Phew, I’m just glad it was ONLY 3 pounds…so back on the wagon and feeling in control, yay!

Tonight I’m zumba-ing at my fave zumba class. I’m really excited to go back! Updates to come tomorrow if I don’t die there tonight…


5 thoughts on “Enough is Enough!

  1. Good job getting back on the wagon! It is so hard with all the tempations. My eating has been downright awful too lately. Too much hospital food and eating out.

  2. Not to be all health educator-y, but it sounds like your issue isn’t self control, so much as fluctuating blood sugar. Try making sure every meal and snack includes some form of protein (bonus points if it’s lean), and you might see a big change in your cravings.

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