This Past Week…in a Nutshell

So this past week has been packed full of lots of fun!

On Saturday, we went down to Ferdinand, IN for Christkindlmarkt with Bre, Scott, and Cadie. It was a lot of fun–we got to taste (and buy) a lot of wine and also got some fun little Christmasy things. Cadie got to see Santa twice, and that was fun too. We went to Santa Claus, IN (just about 10 min away from Ferdinand) and there were some really great Christmas stores there as well. I am totally in the mood to now get out our Christmas tree and all of our Christmas decorations this weekend!! Here is a pic of all of the fun stuff we got:


Lots of wine, some ornaments, chocolate, a gift for my brother, and some other fun stuff. It was a really fun trip!

On Sunday, I spent all day cleaning the house because on Tuesday, I had some wonderful company over! I started feeling sick on Tuesday afternoon, but that night we had planned to have some of our bestest friends EVER over–my bff Weston from high school and his partner Dan (they both live in London–Weston works for a large PR firm in London and Dan is a lawyer) and my other bff from high school Erin. We always get together at Thanksgiving because that’s the only time Weston and Dan come to the states, and I had planned to make dinner. It was tons and tons of fun to see them, but I just felt reaaaally sick all night. Then yesterday I went to the doctor and found out about the sinus/ear infection. Thank goodness that I have antibiotics–I already feel way better!

I’m trying to get the picture that I took of my weekly WI yesterday on the blog, but my laptop is being stupid, so sorry! At any rate, it just says “–13.0”, meaning I gained 0.6 lbs. I’m ok with this–I did zumba 4 times and I used weights each time, so I think my body held on to some water weight. I also ate a lot–we had Thanksgiving lunch at work on Tuesday, the same day that my friends came over and we ate a lot of food that night. This week has started out badly because I was sick yesterday and today, so I didn’t work out. Plus, when I’m sick, I have a fairly simple philosophy toward eating…I don’t give an eff what I eat because I feel so sick and that’s all I care about! So now that I’m feeling better, I need to make an effort to eat better as well. I’m going to try to do zumba Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues of this week, so that should help.

Hope everyone is having a great week–this weekend, I plan to rest and to get my house all Christmas-ed up. Should be fun!! Anyone have any fun plans this weekend?


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