Holiday Run-Down

Hello to all, and Happy New Year’s Eve!

Today is the first full day that we’ve had at home, and as a result I am catching up on housework, blogging, email, etc. We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas spent with Patrick’s family and then a lovely past weekend spent at my parents’ farm. Patrick and I celebrated Christmas with each other on the morning of Christmas eve:

The zombie stuff that Patrick got me--calendar, mug, Compendium I of TWD!

The zombie stuff that Patrick got me–calendar, mug, Compendium I of TWD!

Our wrapped presents to each other

Our wrapped presents to each other

The hand carved wood sign I got Patrick

The hand carved wood sign I got Patrick

Patrick's stocking innards

Patrick’s stocking innards

Patrick got dice in his stocking (he bought them haha)

Patrick got dice in his stocking (he bought them haha)

I got dice too (creeper face)!

I got dice too!

Clara opened her stocking all by herself

Clara opened her stocking all by herself

The cinnamon roll overnight bake that I made for our Chistmas eve morning

The cinnamon roll overnight bake that I made for our Chistmas eve morning

My stocking innards

My stocking innards

That cinnamon roll bake was HEAVENLY–it was basically like cinnamon roll bread pudding. I put it in the oven at 7:30am to bake for a bit before we got up and DAYUM our house smelled so good!!

I got some pretty awesome stuff for Christmas, among them quite a bit of Barnes and Noble $$, the new Stephen King book (which I read in 3 days–LOVED it), a brand spankin’ new beautimous crockpot, and a cute little mini-waffle stick griddle! I got lots of cute little things as well–a really precious “daughter” necklace from my dad, which I’m going to wear like all the time.

We had a nice walk in the woods on my parents property and the whole animal crew came with us: two dogs, 4 goats, and a little kitty. The kitty even rode on Patrick’s shoulders the entire way back–I wish I had taken my phone so I had pics of it! I love going to my parents’ farm. Here are some highlights:

Christmas dinner that my mom made: pork roast, cheesy taters, broccoli, bread

Christmas dinner that my mom made: pork roast, cheesy taters, broccoli, bread

Xmas breakfast that my mom made: monkey bread, bacon, and farm fresh eggs

Xmas breakfast that my mom made: monkey bread, bacon, and farm fresh eggs

This is LITERALLY what I did almost the whole time I was at the farm...:) couldn't get better!

This is LITERALLY what I did almost the whole time I was at the farm…:) couldn’t get better!

OK, so obviously we had a WONDERFUL holiday and I am so happy with how it went, but my eating has been out. of. control. I suppose tihs comes with the territory, but omg, it has been nuts. I will say that I am incredibly proud of myself for LOSING about 5 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but last week when I weighed in (on Christmas mind you–merry effing Christmas to me), I saw this:



Ew, that means I gained 2.6 lbs in the week before Christmas. Yikes. I had even been working out that week, too, but I ate way into my negative points that week, so it makes sense. I have only done 30 minutes of zumba this past week (last night) because we were out of town most of the time, so that sucks as well. I will say that I have tracked every single day, even though there were a couple days that I came DANGEROUSLY close to not tracking, but I know that that is way too much of a slippery slope for me, so I didn’t fall into it. This week I’ll have managed to eat all my dailies, weeklies, and activities before my new week starts tomorrow–but I didn’t go into the negative points, so that is great. I do find it SUPER convenient that my new week starts on New Year’s Day :)…but as you can see, my house is now FULL OF CANDY, so I will have to figure out something to do about that…:/

I am SO dreading my weigh-in tomorrow. It’s also TOM week, which seems super unfair, but that’s just the way life is. Ugh. But I swear I will post tomorrow regardless of the ugly of the situation, because this blog keeps me accountable. Also, since tomorrow is the first day of 2014, I want to set some serious goals. I don’t like the idea of “resolutions” because I feel like most people go into that idea KNOWING that they won’t keep them, so I’m going to call them goals. I’ll also post some reflections, because 2013 was a great year for my health and body.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and have a great New Year!!


Quick Post!

Aight y’all, I figured I better do a super quick drive-by post before all the craziness ensues…

Tomorrow Patrick and I are having a Christmas party for all of our friends, so we will be spending tonight (in addition to going to zumba/gym) cleaning and prepping–and then ALL DAY tomorrow doing the same.

Sunday, I’ll be getting together with some good gal friends from high school–really looking forward to this, I don’t see them very often, as each of them lives somewhere different: Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Des Moines!

On Monday, I’m taking the day off of work (it’s the only day we’re scheduled to work that week, isn’t that silly?) and getting my hair cut. Trying to convince myself that I’ll get up and go to zumba at 8:45 in the morning, but being off work, I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage that…we’ll see 🙂 That night, Patrick and I are going to go see The Hobbit with my family–excited about that!

Tuesday, Patrick and I are opening our Christmas presents to each other and I’m going to make a deLICIOUS looking cinnamon roll overnight bake to eat in the morning. I’m really excited about this! Then it’s Christmas eve with his parents, Christmas day at his cousins’, followed by brunch with a couple of awesome gal pals I have from college. Then we’ll be over at my parents farm doing Christmas there. It’s going to be craaaaazy!

I’m really excited about all the festivities (and especially a break from work) but am nervous about all the food and lack of activity time. Overall, I’m already very proud of how I’ve handled the time in between Thanksgiving and now, so 2 weeks shouldn’t put me too far off track.

I probably will be lacking in the post-department this week, so, to all of my wonderful friends, family, and followers: HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANNUKAH, HAPPY KWANZAA, SEASONS GREETINGS, AND HAPPY FESTIVUS TO THE RESTIVUS. I hope your season is filled with joy–see you all next year!

Another Wednesday, Another Weigh-In

Well, the scale had good news for me today:

It says "--17.6"

It says “–17.6”

Sorry it’s so dark and blurry! I promise it really says “–17.6!” So, that’s a loss of 0.6 lbs this week. I was hoping for a full pound, but I’ll take the -0.6…it’s still a sign that I’m losing and making a good effort! This means that I’ve only lost weight in December, and for it being the holidays, I am INCREDIBLY happy with this. I’m hoping to lose more weight or maintain in the next few weeks with the next two weeks being basically the two most challenging eating weeks of the year! Ack!

I did have a super NSV today however when I put on a blouse that I haven’t worn since probably 2008–I bought it at Kohl’s in the women’s section and it is an XL. When I tried to put it on even last month or two months ago, the arms were way too tight and I couldn’t really move around in it. I put it on last night thinking that it’d be the same–nope, arms fit perfectly and there’s no tightness anywhere else!! Ahhhh! I almost died. It is so amazing that we have the power to change our appearance.

camisa verde

I was seriously in shock when I put this on and it fit. It’s amazing to see the number on the scale change (in a good way), but it’s even more amazing to get tangible results.

Unless I gain 6 lbs between now and January 6, I’ll be entered into a drawing for the weight loss holiday challenge at work for “maintaining” between Nov. 19 and Jan. 6. Even if I gain 5 lbs, it’ll even out to me losing weight since then (that make sense?) and I’ll be considered for another prize. I am so happy with these results!

Today is our office holiday lunch at Olive Garden. I did a lot of looking at their menu and am still unsure of what I’m going to get. At first, I was just going to do a bowl of soup and 2 breadsticks (12 points total). In case you are all wondering, ONE breadstick at the Olive Garden is 4 points!! Ahhh, they are so good! However, I did forget my 3-point protein bar for breakfast this morning and ate an orange instead, so now I’ll have had zero of my daily points by the time lunch rolls around. I’m seriously considering getting a 14-point calzone and eating one breadstick, for a hefty 18 point lunch. I’d still have 17 points left for dinner if I did this, so it’s totally feasible. Not sure yet what I’ll do. The calzone sounds WAY better than soup, so we’ll see. At any rate, I won’t have to go over my daily points either way!! I’m assuming as well that I won’t be able to finish the entire calzone, as I get full much faster than I used to.

I hope all of you are having a great Wednesday–ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! 🙂

Update Schmupdate

I honestly couldn’t think of a title for this blog entry, as it’s not going to be all that interesting, so there you go. lol. That makes it sound like I’m feeling like a huge grumpus right now, and I promise I’m not! I just really couldn’t think of a title!

This weekend proved to be incredibly restful. We didn’t end up taking Cadie to her dress rehearsal as we got like 5 inches of snow on Saturday AM (it was snowing really hard when I took the pic, you just can’t tell):

Our backyard

Our backyard

I basically lounged around on the couch and ended up doing about 45-50 minutes of zumba, so not quite the hour I had planned, but still enough to make me sweat. On Saturday night, Patrick and I busted out the Glubwein wine that we had bought at Christkindlmarkt (the last bottle from there!) and played a game of Catan:


He was making fun of me because I didn’t want to move the placemats on the table to set up the game so there were enormous “fault lines” in between the tiles, as he called them. lol. We really should have moved the placemats but I was feeling extra lazy. I totally ALMOST won but didn’t realize that I had upgraded all my settlements into cities and that I couldn’t make another city w/o the piece…UGH. So close to victory. But we were neck and neck pretty much the whole time so it was a great game!

On Sunday, we went to Cadie’s dance recital. OMG, so much adorable! She had a tiny little sparkly tutu on and it was to DIE FOR. It was so fun to see her perform. I think she probably had a good time as well!!

We’d been re-watching The Walking Dead all weekend, so I had trouble sleeping on Sunday night, lol. I don’t think I’ve ever re-watched a show that is that suspenseful the second time around even with me knowing exactly what’s going to happen…but it is! I can’t WAIT until in comes back in February! Look at little Clara and Glenn from the show photobombing her:

clara on lap

I’m really looking forward to my WI tomorrow. I haven’t peeked at all this week (trying not to peek EVER anymore) so it will be a surprise. I have done REALLY well food-wise (I still have 14 activity points that I haven’t eaten, and I earned about 30 of them) and exercise-wise, so I’m hoping for at least a small loss. We’ll see!

Speaking of activity points: whenever I plug in “zumba, 60 minutes” to my WW app, it tells me that I’m earning 6 activity points. I always took this pretty much as fact, but Patrick told me that he thinks I’m earning a LOT more than that by doing 60 minutes of zumba. I looked to see in the WW app if there is a category for “dancing,” and there sure is. I looked up “dancing, hip hop, 60 minutes” because that’s what most of the zumba classes I attend are composed of, and HOLY WOW IT SAID 15 POINTS. I mean, what the hay?!?! 15 points? There’s no way. How can there be that much of a discrepancy between 60 minutes of zumba and 60 minutes of hip hop dancing, as they are basically the same thing in the classes that I attend? IDK. I’m still counting 6 points, because I don’t want to over-estimate, but dayum. That is a huge difference.

Hope all yall are having a great week. I am done with work for the year this Friday, and will be off from Monday, Dec. 23-January 2. Weeeee! It’s almost Christmas!

Tootin’ My Horn

stweie victory

So I have a few NSV’s to brag about today, and I am really happy about them 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, our university has between 5-7 holiday parties between Thanksgiving and the holidays! We’ve already had a few this week–one was a brunch on Monday, and then we had a dessert reception yesterday and currently the President’s office is throwing a reception. The dessert reception yesterday was across the street and it was freezing outside, so I decided not to go. Plus, I knew that there would be tons of tempting desserts, and I just didn’t want to go there. So, I didn’t! I was really proud of myself for avoiding temptation. One of my coworkers said before she left, “Kelly, you have so much willpower!” And I said, “I’m not going because I have willpower…I’m not going because I DON’T have willpower and as soon as I’d get there, I’d cave!” So I didn’t go. NSV #1 FTW!

NSV #2 came today. Two of my coworkers share a birthday today, and we always get cakes (or dessert of choice) for the birthday folks in our office. Well, coworker #1 wanted pie and coworker #2 wanted cake, so we had a full sheet cake, a cherry pie, and a caramel apple pie sitting in our app reading room at 8am. I decided that I was going to eat a TINY piece of cake and a TINY piece of pie (still probably topping the points at 9 points total), but I wanted to wait until after lunch. It was hard to hang out in the room while everyone else ate cake or pie, but I was really proud of myself. In the past, I would have had a big ‘ole piece of cake at that time and then probably a slice of pie after lunch. Yikes! NSV #2 FTW.

NSV #3 is about to happen–I’m going to the President’s office party RIGHT NOW. I’m planning on getting one cup of wassail and a plate of either fruits or veggies or both (nothing with a point value). I may not even get fruit or veggies since I’m pretty full from all the water I’ve been drinking–but I’ll update this entry as soon as I come back! OK–just got back, and I stuck to the plan, woohoo! I got a small plate full of fruit (pineapple, melon, grapes, strawberries) and a 1/2 a cup of wassail. It was delicious and warmed me right up! So woohoo, NSV #3 FTW!

I really feel like I’m pretty well on track now and super in-the-zone. It has been a lot easier for me to resist food in the past few days than it used to be, and I’m SUPER surprised about this since it’s the holiday season. Up until just recently when something “clicked,” I’ve always had the mindset that “I have to eat that or else someone else is going to eat it,” which is honestly so stupid I can barely even believe that I used to think that. I honestly think that that’s probably 75% of the reason I’d overeat in the past, so that no one else would eat whatever it was…or just because something tasted “too good to waste.” Now I don’t feel like that at all. My coworkers are gonna eat the rest of the cake without me getting any? Fine, I don’t mind 🙂 There are sugar cookies upstairs at the President’s reception and everyone is eating it except for me? Not a problem–let ’em eat! I certainly will have another chance in my life to eat a sugar cookie. I don’t feel sad or deprived to be missing out on this stuff either, which is a HUGE deal.

At any rate, I’m really happy with this newfound mindset. It has taken me a long time to grow out of these habits, and I’m sure that they’ll return at some point in the future, but for now, I’m content.

Tonight I’m going on a date night with Patrick to do some goofy thrifting at Goodwill and then we’re off to get my favorite Starbucks holiday drink (peppermint white hot chocolate with non-fat milk and no whip, at 5 points for a short!) and with that, we’ll drive through the local park that puts up a Christmas light show display. I am really excited! Even with the small pieces of cake/pie I had today, I won’t exceed my 35 daily points. Woo!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We’re taking Bre and Scott’s daughter Cadie to her dress-rehearsal for her dance recital tomorrow morning, but other than that, we don’t have plans. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Back to Zumba!

First of all, it is definitely 3 degrees F outside right now, and my office is FREEZING. It legitimately feels like the air conditioning is on. I’m pretty sure that I look like a frumpy old hobo bag lady with my giant chunky winter sweater on and my HUUUUGE industrial-size stoner-looking mittens, lol. I love them though, and my hands are way too cold to deal with this crap! Plus, my mittens are those awesome half mitten/half glove dealios, so they I can type with them on and answer the phone and such.

I finally *kind of* figured out how to put photos side-by-side, which I have realized is an incredibly important skill to have while losing weight:

On the left: 239 lbs On the right: 219 lbs

On the left: 239 lbs
On the right: 219 lbs

On the left: 239 lbs On the right: 219 lbs

On the left: 239 lbs
On the right: 219 lbs

Look at that! What a difference 20 lbs can make. I can’t see it as much in the front view, but I can DEFINITELY see it in the side view. I think these last 20 lbs have been primarily from my tummy and face. It would appear that my hips and behind still are going nowhere, lol. That must be where the rest of those 70 lbs that I need to lose are residing…argh! I will get them eventually!

I went to zumba last night and only stayed for the first 1/2, which actually went a little long and ended up being about 40 minutes. I have been battling with these allergy thingies or whatever they are and I’m feeling better, but for some reason my body decided that zumba was the best time of the day yesterday to hack up a lung and I had to leave a couple of times for coughing fits. I was encouraged though because I could tell that my body would have been able to handle the extra half an hour, so the week of not really working out hasn’t taken me out of the exercise game. So that was encouraging!

When it’s cold out like this, I always think to myself that if I’m going to get a treat after zumba (which I do very seldomly), I want to get a hot coffee or something; whenever I get OUT of zumba class however, I just want something cold, even if it’s freezing outside! So Patrick took me to Baskin Robbins last night and I got a kiddy-size scoop of the “Peppermint Bark in the Dark”. It’s a chocolate peppermint ice cream with chunks of peppermint bark in it…it was SO GOOD and exactly what I wanted. And it was only about 5 points for that scoop, which isn’t horrendous as far as ice cream goes!

Not sure what the plan for tonight is–Patrick has pool practice and I was going to go with him, but we may decide to just stay home. Hope all of you are having a warm Thursday (if it’s cold where you are!)

Weekly WI Wednesday

So much alliteration! And so much awesome…



Since my phone was being crummy last week, I’ll post my weigh-in from then as well:



I had to post that just so everyone would believe me…yes, ladies and gentlemen, I lost THREE POINT SIX POUNDS this week. 3.6 pounds!! I can’t even believe it. I almost died when I stepped on the scale. I mean really…I was expecting to see somewhere in the 13’s or the 14’s, and then I saw a 17?!!? What the hay? I was especially surprised because I only worked out ONCE this week, with a little bit of box-moving as well. I think my metabolism must be revved up from the previous week of zumba…I also stayed much more on track this week with eating, which helped I think. The last 2-3 weeks I had been eating all my activity points AND my weekly 49, and this week I just stuck to my activity points (which only ended up being about 12 points total) and about 4 of my weeklies. I have also been drinking 3 liters of water at work and some at home as well, and I think that is helping. At any rate, I am THRILLED to finally be out of the 220’s and into the 2-TEENS. I can’t even believe it. Onederland seems so close now! I definitely am going to reach my goal of being down to 200 by March 1. 🙂

On another wonderful note, Patrick started a weight-loss blog! He is trying to be really low-key about the weight-loss, but he is really excited about the blog aspect. You can find it here: (isn’t that a great name?? He’s so clever!)

I have to get back on track with zumba this week. I’m planning on going to the Y tonight for zumba toning and going again on Monday and Tuesday. I want to do 30 min each on Fri, Sat, and Sun, so that’ll equal out to 4.5 zumba classes, which is a good number! It’ll get me about 27 activity points as well, which is always helpful, especially since I now only get 35 points a day instead of 36. That one point makes a huge difference, believe me!

Now it’s time for random pics!

I’m having a Christmas party in a couple of weeks and I made a “photo booth” background for our friends to take pics in. Here I am with little Clara:

photo booth

Also, she was a good sport for me when I made her pose with some of the photo booth props:

clara 1

clara 2

And, to finish off, I found some pics of her when she was a puppy on my old computer. They are TOTES ADORBS as James Earl Jones says on those really funny commercials:

puppy! 046

puppy! 049

puppy! 051

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!