Restful Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend–my dad’s birthday was Saturday, so we went out to eat with my mom and dad at one of our favorite homestyle local restaurants. I always get a breaded tenderloin sandwich there which I know isn’t the greatest choice, but I was proud of myself for only eating half of it! I saved the other half for lunch today.

Most of this weekend was spent lounging around. I DID manage to do half a session of zumba yesterday, so that was good–I had gotten out of the habit of working out this past week because of how busy I was! I also did several loads of laundry in my brand new washer and dryer, which are FANTASTIC! It is so nice to just walk into my attached garage and do some laundry. I am super grateful for that !

On Friday I had blogged about how I was feeling pretty mentally out of the weight loss game. I was REALLY proud of myself, because right after I blogged we went to a free university lunch. It was cold sandwiches, chips, veggies/fruit, and these really yummy looking dessert bars (lemon, cranberry, chocolate, apple pie…mmm). I managed to eat 1/4 of a sandwich (they were halved and they had tons of mayo on the top…I hate mayo, so I only ate the bottom part!) and then piled my plate super high with fruit. I didn’t get any chips and I didn’t get any dessert!!!! This was a huge success for me, as I almost never pass up dessert–but I knew that I had made the nutcracker torte for game night, so I resisted. My lunch was only 4 points! I was so proud of myself–I was able to stick to 1 piece of cake that night as well, so yay! I’m really happy about that, even though I’ve barely worked out this week. I did count moving boxes on both Wednesday and Thursday as a few points, so that’s helped–but still. Not expecting to see a loss this week, but really hoping not to see a gain.

I’m also worried that my ear infection has come back. My ear has been feeling really full and my throat on that side has been hurting a bit, which I usually get as referred pain when I have an ear infection. If it doesn’t go away in a couple of days, I’m going to have to get it checked out again. I don’t want to be on antibiotics again for a number of reasons, but I guess if I have to, I will. Ugh. I am so over being sick this fall! It has been one thing after another since the beginning of October. Gross.

Today begins the first of the 6 or 7 holiday parties at work that we have in the next 2 WEEKS between now and winter break. 7 HOLIDAY PARTIES, PEOPLE. It is just outrageous…I am going to have to try and be reaaaally good eating-wise. Or at least make up for it by doing tons of zumba.

At any rate, that’s my update! Here’s my family Christmas picture this year taken at my parents’ farm by their woodpile. You can see *(from left to right) me (furthest left in yellow sweater petting their big guard dog Sam), my Dad, my Mom, Patrick on chainsaw #1, and my brother Kyle on chainsaw #2. lol. I love it!

christmas pic

Hope everyone has a great week!


4 thoughts on “Restful Weekend

    • Thanks Melissa! I always feel like yellow is a horrible color on me, and then I see pics and I’m like “actually t hat looks pretty good!” And wow, it was hard to not get dessert…but I’m not sad about it now!

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