Weekly WI Wednesday

So much alliteration! And so much awesome…



Since my phone was being crummy last week, I’ll post my weigh-in from then as well:



I had to post that just so everyone would believe me…yes, ladies and gentlemen, I lost THREE POINT SIX POUNDS this week. 3.6 pounds!! I can’t even believe it. I almost died when I stepped on the scale. I mean really…I was expecting to see somewhere in the 13’s or the 14’s, and then I saw a 17?!!? What the hay? I was especially surprised because I only worked out ONCE this week, with a little bit of box-moving as well. I think my metabolism must be revved up from the previous week of zumba…I also stayed much more on track this week with eating, which helped I think. The last 2-3 weeks I had been eating all my activity points AND my weekly 49, and this week I just stuck to my activity points (which only ended up being about 12 points total) and about 4 of my weeklies. I have also been drinking 3 liters of water at work and some at home as well, and I think that is helping. At any rate, I am THRILLED to finally be out of the 220’s and into the 2-TEENS. I can’t even believe it. Onederland seems so close now! I definitely am going to reach my goal of being down to 200 by March 1. 🙂

On another wonderful note, Patrick started a weight-loss blog! He is trying to be really low-key about the weight-loss, but he is really excited about the blog aspect. You can find it here: http://www.chunky2hunky.blogspot.com (isn’t that a great name?? He’s so clever!)

I have to get back on track with zumba this week. I’m planning on going to the Y tonight for zumba toning and going again on Monday and Tuesday. I want to do 30 min each on Fri, Sat, and Sun, so that’ll equal out to 4.5 zumba classes, which is a good number! It’ll get me about 27 activity points as well, which is always helpful, especially since I now only get 35 points a day instead of 36. That one point makes a huge difference, believe me!

Now it’s time for random pics!

I’m having a Christmas party in a couple of weeks and I made a “photo booth” background for our friends to take pics in. Here I am with little Clara:

photo booth

Also, she was a good sport for me when I made her pose with some of the photo booth props:

clara 1

clara 2

And, to finish off, I found some pics of her when she was a puppy on my old computer. They are TOTES ADORBS as James Earl Jones says on those really funny commercials:

puppy! 046

puppy! 049

puppy! 051

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!


4 thoughts on “Weekly WI Wednesday

  1. 3 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 freaking pounds! Holy cow that is awesome! You are seriously amazing!

    I love the photo booth pic and the pics of sweet Clara!

    Welcome to blogdom, Patrick!

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