Back to Zumba!

First of all, it is definitely 3 degrees F outside right now, and my office is FREEZING. It legitimately feels like the air conditioning is on. I’m pretty sure that I look like a frumpy old hobo bag lady with my giant chunky winter sweater on and my HUUUUGE industrial-size stoner-looking mittens, lol. I love them though, and my hands are way too cold to deal with this crap! Plus, my mittens are those awesome half mitten/half glove dealios, so they I can type with them on and answer the phone and such.

I finally *kind of* figured out how to put photos side-by-side, which I have realized is an incredibly important skill to have while losing weight:

On the left: 239 lbs On the right: 219 lbs

On the left: 239 lbs
On the right: 219 lbs

On the left: 239 lbs On the right: 219 lbs

On the left: 239 lbs
On the right: 219 lbs

Look at that! What a difference 20 lbs can make. I can’t see it as much in the front view, but I can DEFINITELY see it in the side view. I think these last 20 lbs have been primarily from my tummy and face. It would appear that my hips and behind still are going nowhere, lol. That must be where the rest of those 70 lbs that I need to lose are residing…argh! I will get them eventually!

I went to zumba last night and only stayed for the first 1/2, which actually went a little long and ended up being about 40 minutes. I have been battling with these allergy thingies or whatever they are and I’m feeling better, but for some reason my body decided that zumba was the best time of the day yesterday to hack up a lung and I had to leave a couple of times for coughing fits. I was encouraged though because I could tell that my body would have been able to handle the extra half an hour, so the week of not really working out hasn’t taken me out of the exercise game. So that was encouraging!

When it’s cold out like this, I always think to myself that if I’m going to get a treat after zumba (which I do very seldomly), I want to get a hot coffee or something; whenever I get OUT of zumba class however, I just want something cold, even if it’s freezing outside! So Patrick took me to Baskin Robbins last night and I got a kiddy-size scoop of the “Peppermint Bark in the Dark”. It’s a chocolate peppermint ice cream with chunks of peppermint bark in it…it was SO GOOD and exactly what I wanted. And it was only about 5 points for that scoop, which isn’t horrendous as far as ice cream goes!

Not sure what the plan for tonight is–Patrick has pool practice and I was going to go with him, but we may decide to just stay home. Hope all of you are having a warm Thursday (if it’s cold where you are!)


4 thoughts on “Back to Zumba!

  1. I don’t know what it is but when it is cold out I crave ice cream too!

    I can definitely tell a huge difference! Even in the front facing pic! Your tummy, boobs and face especially! More importantly, your smile looks so much more genuine!!!!

    • Yes! And I really don’t crave ice cream that much in general!

      Thanks 🙂 Yeah, the boobs is probably because I have my genie bra on in the second pic, and it’s much more compression-like..but the face and tummy are the biggest areas. I didn’t notice that about my smile, but you’re right!!

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