Update Schmupdate

I honestly couldn’t think of a title for this blog entry, as it’s not going to be all that interesting, so there you go. lol. That makes it sound like I’m feeling like a huge grumpus right now, and I promise I’m not! I just really couldn’t think of a title!

This weekend proved to be incredibly restful. We didn’t end up taking Cadie to her dress rehearsal as we got like 5 inches of snow on Saturday AM (it was snowing really hard when I took the pic, you just can’t tell):

Our backyard

Our backyard

I basically lounged around on the couch and ended up doing about 45-50 minutes of zumba, so not quite the hour I had planned, but still enough to make me sweat. On Saturday night, Patrick and I busted out the Glubwein wine that we had bought at Christkindlmarkt (the last bottle from there!) and played a game of Catan:


He was making fun of me because I didn’t want to move the placemats on the table to set up the game so there were enormous “fault lines” in between the tiles, as he called them. lol. We really should have moved the placemats but I was feeling extra lazy. I totally ALMOST won but didn’t realize that I had upgraded all my settlements into cities and that I couldn’t make another city w/o the piece…UGH. So close to victory. But we were neck and neck pretty much the whole time so it was a great game!

On Sunday, we went to Cadie’s dance recital. OMG, so much adorable! She had a tiny little sparkly tutu on and it was to DIE FOR. It was so fun to see her perform. I think she probably had a good time as well!!

We’d been re-watching The Walking Dead all weekend, so I had trouble sleeping on Sunday night, lol. I don’t think I’ve ever re-watched a show that is that suspenseful the second time around even with me knowing exactly what’s going to happen…but it is! I can’t WAIT until in comes back in February! Look at little Clara and Glenn from the show photobombing her:

clara on lap

I’m really looking forward to my WI tomorrow. I haven’t peeked at all this week (trying not to peek EVER anymore) so it will be a surprise. I have done REALLY well food-wise (I still have 14 activity points that I haven’t eaten, and I earned about 30 of them) and exercise-wise, so I’m hoping for at least a small loss. We’ll see!

Speaking of activity points: whenever I plug in “zumba, 60 minutes” to my WW app, it tells me that I’m earning 6 activity points. I always took this pretty much as fact, but Patrick told me that he thinks I’m earning a LOT more than that by doing 60 minutes of zumba. I looked to see in the WW app if there is a category for “dancing,” and there sure is. I looked up “dancing, hip hop, 60 minutes” because that’s what most of the zumba classes I attend are composed of, and HOLY WOW IT SAID 15 POINTS. I mean, what the hay?!?! 15 points? There’s no way. How can there be that much of a discrepancy between 60 minutes of zumba and 60 minutes of hip hop dancing, as they are basically the same thing in the classes that I attend? IDK. I’m still counting 6 points, because I don’t want to over-estimate, but dayum. That is a huge difference.

Hope all yall are having a great week. I am done with work for the year this Friday, and will be off from Monday, Dec. 23-January 2. Weeeee! It’s almost Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Update Schmupdate

  1. WOW that is a HUGE difference! I wonder what is accurate? But I think you are doing the right thing by “under” estimating it. I have my fingers crossed for you at W.I. tomorrow! I am dreading it! I peeped at the scale this morning. Um, yea it’s not pretty.

    • Yeah, I thought that it was a huge diff too! And don’t worry about the scale–there are always those things that happen in life that will throw it off, but you’ll get back on the wagon!

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