Another Wednesday, Another Weigh-In

Well, the scale had good news for me today:

It says "--17.6"

It says “–17.6”

Sorry it’s so dark and blurry! I promise it really says “–17.6!” So, that’s a loss of 0.6 lbs this week. I was hoping for a full pound, but I’ll take the -0.6…it’s still a sign that I’m losing and making a good effort! This means that I’ve only lost weight in December, and for it being the holidays, I am INCREDIBLY happy with this. I’m hoping to lose more weight or maintain in the next few weeks with the next two weeks being basically the two most challenging eating weeks of the year! Ack!

I did have a super NSV today however when I put on a blouse that I haven’t worn since probably 2008–I bought it at Kohl’s in the women’s section and it is an XL. When I tried to put it on even last month or two months ago, the arms were way too tight and I couldn’t really move around in it. I put it on last night thinking that it’d be the same–nope, arms fit perfectly and there’s no tightness anywhere else!! Ahhhh! I almost died. It is so amazing that we have the power to change our appearance.

camisa verde

I was seriously in shock when I put this on and it fit. It’s amazing to see the number on the scale change (in a good way), but it’s even more amazing to get tangible results.

Unless I gain 6 lbs between now and January 6, I’ll be entered into a drawing for the weight loss holiday challenge at work for “maintaining” between Nov. 19 and Jan. 6. Even if I gain 5 lbs, it’ll even out to me losing weight since then (that make sense?) and I’ll be considered for another prize. I am so happy with these results!

Today is our office holiday lunch at Olive Garden. I did a lot of looking at their menu and am still unsure of what I’m going to get. At first, I was just going to do a bowl of soup and 2 breadsticks (12 points total). In case you are all wondering, ONE breadstick at the Olive Garden is 4 points!! Ahhh, they are so good! However, I did forget my 3-point protein bar for breakfast this morning and ate an orange instead, so now I’ll have had zero of my daily points by the time lunch rolls around. I’m seriously considering getting a 14-point calzone and eating one breadstick, for a hefty 18 point lunch. I’d still have 17 points left for dinner if I did this, so it’s totally feasible. Not sure yet what I’ll do. The calzone sounds WAY better than soup, so we’ll see. At any rate, I won’t have to go over my daily points either way!! I’m assuming as well that I won’t be able to finish the entire calzone, as I get full much faster than I used to.

I hope all of you are having a great Wednesday–ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! 🙂


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