OK, so I feel totally ridiculous for posting TGIF after a 2-DAY workweek. I mean seriously, I had Monday-Wednesday off and had to work yesterday and today. I was a little sad that I didn’t take these days off, as there’s really nothing going on at work and I am SUPER tired from the holidays. (Isn’t that crazy how the holidays wear us out? They’re supposed to be a BREAK!) Also, we got TONS of snow overnight on Wednesday night, and yesterday would have been a PERFECT snow day for us staff members as the faculty and students are still on break. Ugh. Oh well…you can’t always get what you want!

Here’s the pretty tree outside my office yesterday morning:

winter wonderland

So pretty! It is freezing cold in my office though. The high on Monday is –2, I believe. Gross.

We also got back to playing DnD (technically Pathfinder but lez be honest it’s basically the same thing):


Always a good time.

OK, so I need to figure out a non-food reward system for my next 50ish pounds or so that is not just TOO too expensive. So I have come up with the following:

209 pounds: small piece of jewelry
199 pounds: FACIAL!
189 pounds: something special from Gencon (I hope to weigh this much or less @ the time of Gencon in August)
179 pounds: book
169 pounds: some kind of cooking/baking utensil or device (not technically food, lol)

I need to think of what I’d want for my last two rewards (160 and 150 respectively–150 is my ultimate goal), but that will take some serious pondering. If I like the facial enough when I get to onederland (I’ve never had one!), I may do a repeat, or a makeover or something. We’ll see–but for now, I’m really happy with this little listy of stuff for the next 50 pounds. Looking forward to hopefully getting that new piece of jewelry in the next couple of months!!

Hope you’re all having a great Friday. Tonight is game night and tomorrow is my lovely husband’s BIRTHDAY!! WOOT WOOT! So we’re going to celebrate with his family at a fancy steakhouse in town. Should be fun–Sunday, I’m going to lounge like it’s my job. It’s so sad that I’m ready for the weekend after working for TWO. DAYS.

Love to you all!


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Aww all that pretty snow!!!!!!!! Ah I’m sure you can think of something for those last few rewards! Happy early bday to Patrick! Hope you guys have a wonderful time at the steakhouse!

    • Thanks! We’re actually supposed to get like 8-12 inches MORE of snow this weekend. It’s gonna be crazy! And thanks 🙂 He is excited for steak!!! I am too actually, haha. Have a great weekend!

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