Snowed In

Well, we are officially snowed in to our happy little home! I am comfy as hell sitting on my couch with my robe and pj’s and cozy warm blanket. Clara is acting all disgruntled because she has to sit on Patrick’s lap instead of mine:

Sitting on Patrick's lap

Sitting on Patrick’s lap

This is officially the most snow I think I’ve ever seen in my life. We’ve had at least a foot if not more, and it is supposed to snow straight through the rest of the day (it’s only 2:45pm right now) and night. Our campus got closed tomorrow because of how snowy and cold it will be (–12 is the high, I believe…some of the coldest temps here in over 30 years!), so I get an extra day off of work and don’t have to take a vacation day!! Woohooo! Here are the views out of my house:

Outside the front

Outside the front

Outside the front--look at the snow on the lamppost--so funny!

Outside the front–look at the snow on the lamppost–so funny!

Outside the back

Outside the back

It is STILL coming down! I’ll tell you what, there is NOTHING better than being snowed in with a cozy house and several books to read. With the Barnes and Noble money I got from Patrick’s family, I ordered a beautiful boxed set of The Hobbit and the LOTR books and the second compendium of The Walking Dead graphic novels. They came in the mail on Friday!

I especially love the edition of the Tolkien books

I especially love the edition of the Tolkien books

I am about halfway through the Hobbit and about 3/4 of the way through TWD Compendium one. So lovely to wake up, put my robe on, and curl up with a book and a good cup of tea.

I got a big new crockpot for Christmas from my mom and have put it to GREAT use this week. On Wednesday, I made pulled pork bbq and then stuffed crescent rolls with it to make this deliciousnesS:



For game night on Friday night, I made french dip sandwiches, and today I currently have a delicious-looking chicken/bean/corn chili that will be ready for dinner this evening. Yum! I’ve done really well so far this week with eating and tracking, and did zumba both Thursday night and today. I’m hoping to do zumba again tomorrow and Tuesday and that will make for a good week of workouts. We’ll see what the scale looks like on Wednesday, but I’m trying not to stress too much. I am SUPER excited about having the day off tomorrow!

I can’t remember if I mentioned that my mother-in-law bought me a really cute wafflestick maker for Christmas. I busted it out yesterday and look how well it works!


That recipe made like 36 wafflesticks, some of which are still in the fridge. What a fun little treat!

Sorry for the randomness of this blog post. Not a whole lot going on around here, but just thought I’d blog while I have the chance. I’ve joined Bloglovin’so I may possibly get involved with some linkups in the future!! Hope all of you who are getting slammed with this winter storm (apparently they’re naming winter storms now…?? This one is named “Ion”) are safe and warm!


2 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. Ahhh oh my gosh look at all the snow! It’s so white, fluffy and pretty! Feel free to send some down here! We only get snow about once every 5 years or so and then it’s usually just gross brown mush that’s not very pretty and melts within hours.

    Oh and pass along that french dip recipe please 🙂

    Sounds like excellent snuggle up with a blanket and a good book weather!

    • Yeah, we have had a LOT of snow so far this year–we’re supposed to get more the day after tomorrow! It’s crazy!

      I will post the french dip recipe on my next blog post–so, so easy!

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