Weekly Weigh-In

YES! I’m also super excited to join in the weigh-in with my good blogger friend Desiree, and her friends Ash and Heather.

Weigh In Wednesday


I decided that I will now exclusively take pics for the weekly weigh-in on my other better phone (long story about why I have two phones) because the picture is so much clearer! But HOLY WOW 3 POUNDS! I am super happy with this loss. I think I’ve found my happy weight-loss formula:

1. DON’T look at the scale between weigh-ins…not even a peek!
2. DON’T stress about food every single minute of every single day
3. Get at least 4 days of 30 minutes or more of intense cardio workouts
4. Eat ALL of the activity points I earn, plus a few of my weekly points but not all of them

Now of course I must say that this is my happy weight-loss formula NOW, and is bound to change as I lose more weight. When I weighed more, I could get away with eating even more of my weeklies. Also, if I really wanted to go back and look at my points/activity tracker all the weeks that I’ve lost weight, I bet I’d see a trend in numbers 3-4. I obviously can’t remember about looking at the scale between weigh-ins or not stressing about food every minute, but maybe I should start putting that in the “notes” section of my tracker. That could be really beneficial, I think.

Sidenote–I forgot to add that I wanted to make sure to track my measurements every week of 2014 as another weight-loss goal. More to come on that later!

I am so proud of myself for not going nuts during the snowed in blizzard of 2014. 3 lbs is something to be really proud of. I can’t BELIEVE I’m only 17.4 pounds away from onederland–it seems so attainable now. I am only 6.4 lbs away from that new piece of jewelry–I really need to start looking around and thinking about what I want to get for myself. Hmmmm…

I am back to work today, although to be honest, the roads are REALLY bad. It’s basically packed ice now, so it’s super treacherous. Hope you all who are in the cold are staying warm, and congrats to those of you who aren’t! Happy Wednesday! I could get used to this 3-day work week thing…


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