NSV Friday!

OK, before I start this entry, I have something to get off my chest. I’ve realized recently that I use parenthesis waaaaaay too much when I write, so I’m trying to get away from that (or am I? Haha jk.) But really, I am…it’s annoying. Maybe that should have been one of my goals for 2014–use fewer parenthesis!!

Phew! Now that that’s out of the way, I think I’m going to try to make each Friday about a personal NSV for the week. It is so easy to get caught up in the number on the scale and everything else that goes along with that emotionally, so there should be at least ONE day if not all of them dedicated to patting ourselves on the back for all the hard work that we’ve been doing and how far we’ve come. Plus, everyone knows that Friday is basically the best day ever, so why not make it even better? Plus, I can join in another linkup!


So what is this NSV, you ask? Well, way back when I started this journey, I decided to buy a piece of clothing that I clearly couldn’t fit into that would motivate me to exercise, eat better, etc. Knowing that going to the Gap and buying an XXS just wasn’t a good plan (and is NEVER in the realm of possibility for me anyway…ack, parenthesis!), I settled for going to one of my fave plus-size websites and buying a top in the smallest size that THEY offered. So, I went to http://www.torrid.com, found a top, and bought it…in a size ZERO. Now, for those of you who have never had to shop in the plus sizes, many plus-size retailers don’t use traditional sizing like S,M,L,XL, etc…they use 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. I am sure that this is probably a psychological ploy meant to make plus-size women feel better; there is just something about the letter “x” in front of an “L” that makes you feel huge no matter where you shop. But I digress.

I bought a super cute flowery tank top in size 0 in probably March or April, when I weighed around 260/250. When I got it in the mail, I opened it immediately and although I absolutely loved it, my heart sank just by looking at how small it was! I thought to myself, “I’ll never get in that blouse. It’s so little and I’m so huge!” All the same, I resolved to put it in my closet and make sure I could stare at it every once and a while when I was feeling like jumping off the wagon and saying “eff this” to weight loss.

In the months between buying the top and now, I would take it out every so often and try it on. When I first got it, it wouldn’t even go over my chest. I tried it on a couple of months later and it fit over my chest, but that was it. Then, it fit over my chest, my tummy, but not my hips. Well folks–today I am WEARING that top. Yep, that’s right. Have a looksee!

With my sweater for work

With my sweater for work

This is the pattern on the top

This is the pattern on the top

The top!

The top!

It is so surreal to know that I couldn’t even fathom wearing this earlier in 2013, and now I AM wearing it! Once again, it is absolutely amazing that we have the power to change our appearance like this with a little bit of determination and hard work.

OK, enough about me. I want to put a plug in really quickly for http://www.torrid.com. As many of my readers probably know, it is DAMN difficult to find cute plus-sized clothing. Torrid is wonderful for this–they have so many trendy options! I will say that I don’t shop there super often just because it’s a bit expensive, but many plus-size clothes dealers are…more material=more money. At any rate, they’ve got super cute options.

This weekend we don’t have any plans, so we’ll probably just relax. I’ve been reading a lot, so I’ll probably do that as well…I’m re-reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend? How about NSV’s that they’d like to share? Happy Friday, everyone!


10 thoughts on “NSV Friday!

  1. Congratulations! That is an amazing NSV! You look great in the top and I’m sure it felt so awesome to be able to put it on and see that it now fits! Thanks for linking up and sharing 🙂

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