Weekend Fun

Well, Patrick and I have been having a very relaxing weekend so I wanted to take a quick opportunity to write an entry. Yesterday I had the window blinds open a bit and Clara was LOVING it. Patrick joined her and I snapped this pic. It’s so silly but I think it’s so cute!


On Friday night, we headed over to Scott and Bre’s for game night. It was a really laid back night and we played “Evil Baby Orphanage,” a super fun game that takes a lot of strategy and thinking. Then we just sat around and played geek out for a while. Yesterday, we literally just stayed at home almost all day and sat on the couch. We’ve been watching the BBC “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman–we loooooove it! It premieres a week from today, so we’re looking forward to that. Last night we got a text from our friend Jason asking us to come out and have a beer with him and some of our other friends at Sonka’s, the local Irish pub. I LOVE Sonka’s…they only serve beer, no liquor, so the clientele is totally my type of people. Don’t get me wrong–I like all types of bars, but I’m just not a huge fan of the super loud, dark bars where young 20-somethings are getting trashed and trying to hook up with each other. So Sonka’s is perfect for us! I had two beers–a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (love that stuff) and a Preacher’s Daughter, an Amber Ale out of Indiana. They were both delish. I meant to take a pic but totally forgot!

Today we’re being lazy again. I did manage to do a cardio/strength interval training dvd yesterday and my legs are SORE today. I hadn’t done that DVD in a long while, so it was pretty hard. Here I am with my resistance band around my neck after completing it! I am super sweaty but you can’t really tell in the pic.

after workout

I think after I finish laundry today we may go to Books a Million so I can get a wall calendar for my office. My mom got me a $10 gift card and I think they’re having a 50% off calendar sale, so I want to take advantage of that. Other than that, we won’t do much today either. I do want to try and do 45 minutes of zumba tonight. Here are my workouts for the week so far:

Wednesday 1/8: 45 minutes of zumba
Thursday 1/9: 45 minutes of zumba
Friday 1/10: rest day
Saturday 1/11: 40 minutes strength training/cardio interval DVD w/ resistance band (Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Strong”)

This is what I plan for the rest of the week:

Sunday 1/12: 45 minutes zumba
Monday 1/13: 60 minutes zumba
Tuesday 1/14: 30 minutes zumba

This is a really good schedule for me, and it’ll get me about 26 activity points. I’ve already eaten all of my planned activity points this week and just 2 or 3 of my weeklies, so as long as I don’t eat too many more weeklies, I’ll be ok this week. I do have to weigh-in early on Tuesday morning this week at work–it’s the final weigh-in of our weight loss holiday challenge, “Don’t Gain, Maintain!” If we either lost or maintained between November 19 and Tuesday, we are entered into a drawing to win a Fit Bit!!!! I have lost about 7 pounds since then, so I should definitely be entered in the drawing. I’m not going to count this as “peeking” because it’s something that I have to do for work, and I’ll weigh myself on my scale still on Wednesday morning.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. This will be the first full week of work I’ve had since like December 15…ugh!

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend?


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