No…More…Beef (and other sundry items)

Ugh, my digestive system is ANGRY at me for eating so much beef this weekend. I did a really good job in 2013 of not eating much beef, as I know that it always wreaks havoc with my stomach and is an all-around better situation when I DON’T eat it, but lately, I’ve been eating WAY too much of it. This weekend I had taco meat Friday night, one burger Saturday night, and taco meat again yesterday. WTF? Aaaaah, it is so not good for me, and my stomach is feeling it today. I need to get back to not eating as much. Sorry, that is probably all TMI!

Last night we had a surprise DnD session @ Bre and Scott’s. It was really fun, and I was glad to see Bre since she was at Army stuff all weekend and I wasn’t able to hang out with her on Friday night. BUT, I didn’t work out because of it. It’s probably better that I gave my muscles a day to rest–they are STILL sore from the strength training I did on Saturday. I’m unsure of what I’m going to do to work out tonight…I think that zumba or high impact stuff might hurt my legs too much, so I am considering a walking DVD. Whyyy oh why are my legs still sore? At any rate, DnD was super fun last night. We’re actually playing Pathfinder, but that’s pretty much DnD 3.5, so we call it DnD. Bre is a REALLY good artist, so she drew all of our characters. I snapped a couple quick pics of my character and Patrick’s character:

Patrick is playing Swiper, a rogue halfling

Patrick is playing Swiper, a rogue halfling

I'm playing Reda, a half-elf bard

I’m playing Reda, a half-elf bard

As a bard, my character has a musical element which is so perfect for me, as I’m a musician myself. I perform at local taverns and my companion Swiper (Patrick) goes around pickpocketing the audience. Together, we make TONS of cash. We also have a sorceress (Bre), ranger (Jake), and monk (Scott) in our party. Our friend Jason is the DM and we are having lots of fun with it! I’ll have to take pics of all of our other characters; Bre is really talented.

Yesterday we did end up going to Books a Million where I got a beautiful Japanese woodblock art calendar for my office:


I had a little bit of extra $$ on my giftcard after the 50% off sale from the calendar, so I found this bookmark:


Looove me some grumpy cat! At any rate, I better get some work done. Hope you are all having a great Monday–man, was it hard to get up this morning!


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