NSV Friday


Happy Friday to all, friends! I have been looking forward to this post for a couple of days now, seeing as I had a horrid weigh-in this week. My NSV this week has anything and everything to do with fitness; I really feel like I hit a new level of fitness awesomeness this week, starting with my 4-mile walk on Monday evening. During that walk, I really felt invincible. I know that sounds SO super silly, but it’s true! I felt like I could keep going forever. Typically, my asthma will slow me down a little, but that time, my lungs were feeling awesome. I wonder if part of it is that I did the walking DVD in our bedroom, and I had the humidifier on at the same time. Not sure–but it was still fantastic. I was definitely out of breath, but for the first 2 miles and the 4th mile, I could chat with Patrick. CHAT WITH SOMEONE WHILE WORKING OUT?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! I’ve never, EVER been able to do that before. And I felt great.

Then came zumba toning on Wednesday night. Oh my word, it was ah-may-zing. It was just like the 4-mile walk, but somehow better. I felt like I could have zumba-ed for another hour. I was sweating like crazy, but I couldn’t get over just how good it felt. I know I sound like an insane person (who REALLY likes working out, I mean honestly), but I did that night. I actually LIKED it. I mean, I like zumba because it’s fun–but never like that before. I was feeling it. During the break, I was talking to one of the ladies who goes to most of the classes that I do. She asked me when the last time was that I had been to the class, and I told her that it was before Christmas…I had told her before the class started that even though I hadn’t been TO the YMCA physically, I had done a combo of zumba/work out dvd’s at home in between. So at the break she was like “Well, since you haven’t been here since Christmas, I really know what you’re feeling right now.” And I just wanted to be like, “betch! I worked out ALL THE TIME during the holidays. You don’t even know!” Lol. That’s the sass in me–but I just said “Actually, I feel awesome. I worked out at home in between so I’m not feeling anything but great right now. I did 4 miles on Monday night.” Hahahahaha that is so horrible but I was annoyed that she said that to me, even though I’m sure she didn’t mean it that way. I can’t even remember what she said to that; she’s really nice, but it just really annoyed me at the time. I think she was feeling it herself as she hadn’t been since before Christmas either. Who knows, it really isn’t a big deal lol and she is super nice so I need to stop my grouching!

At any rate, it has been a GREAT week for fitness, despite the super-gain. I am really crossing my fingers that the gain is muscle holding water, and that I’ll see a nice loss next week. I’ve been staying on plan eating-wise, so that helps. I plan on doing some zumba and/or walking DVDs at home this weekend alongside another zumba class at the Y on Monday. I did go to zumba again last night and it was a bit harder than it was on Wednesday; I think I was a little tired from toning the night before. But 2 nights in a row for a zumba class is awesome! After I went to class, I drove to Patrick’s pool game at my fave local dive bar (his team’s home base) and had 2 Bud Lights and some popcorn, which I had alloted for in my points for the day. It was totally worth it and a great little reward for my hard work!

Anyone have any fun weekend plans? We don’t have any, aside from hopefully taking down our holiday decorations. Tonight is game night and I’m going to try monkey bread in the crockpot for dessert. I hope it works out! Everyone have a safe and happy weekend!

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2 thoughts on “NSV Friday

  1. WOOT WOOT Awesome NSV! Can’t wait to hear how that monkey bread turns out! I have GOT to take down our decorations too. Tonight, no excuses – tree is coming down, groceries are getting got and mad cleaning to be taking place. Tomorrow, we party! (after getting my mile in)! Sunday should be lazy day (and mile) and Monday (we have off) I think I may try to knock a couple of the Oscar nominated movies out if I can! Should be a pretty awesome weekend!

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