Weekend Update

Well, it was a relaxing and fun-filled weekend for us. Friday night, we had game night at Bre and Scott’s and played some Walking Dead Risk:


This was a really fun game, and I especially liked it because it was based off the Comic Books, not the tv show. I’m halfway through the second compendium of the comic books, so it was really neat to play. I definitely didn’t win (not very good at strategy games) but I didn’t come in last place, so that was good.

On Saturday, we chilled out virtually all day and I did chores around the house. I did make these delicious things on a whim:

pep biscuits in tin

pep biscuits on plate

inside of pep biscuits

I had bought 2 cans of pillsbury refrigerated biscuits and only used one for the monkey bread I made Friday night, so I used the biscuits, some mozz cheese, some pepperoni, and tomato sauce to make these delicious little pizza biscuit cups. They were so easy and SO GOOD. All the ingredients were leftover from the stromboli, so it worked out perfectly. I hardly EVER am able to throw anything together like that and make it edible–but these were amazing. I’ll definitely be making them again!

Bre and Scott and Cadie came over on Friday night around 9pm to hang out and play some surprise DnD. Our friends Jason and Jake came over, and we didn’t end up playing until probably 10pm or a little after–we finished playing around 2am or so. I don’t think we went to bed until around 3, and Scott and Bre and Cadie stayed in our guest room. Of course the little 3-yr-old was wide awake at 8am, so we only got about 5 hours of sleep. We were tired!

We went to breakfast w/ Bre, Scott, and Cadie at one of our fave little diner type places, Cackleberries. I got a meat-lovers skillet: sausage, bacon, eggs, cheese, and american fries. O.M.G. So delicious. I meant to take a pic of it and totally forgot–I could only eat half of it though before I was super full!

Patrick and Scott went to play DnD (their friend Brian’s game that Bre and I don’t play) for the day and Bre, Cadie and I just hung out at my place. Cadie watched movies all day and Bre and I researched cosplay options for Gencon. So far, we’re thinking of dressing up for 4 days: Fullmetal Alchemist, Battlestar, Dexter, and Titanic. Bre and I (mostly Bre) are writing/running a Cthulhu larp based on the Titanic on Saturday night of the con (it’s going to be SWEET) and are going to dress up that night in Edwardian costumes. I found a beautiful dress that I think I’m going to buy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/157038577/edwardian-dress-plus-size-handmade-in?ref=shop_home_active_15.

My only dilemma, as you could probably guess, is that I have no idea when or what size to buy it in. Gencon is in mid-August, and I’m hoping to have lost more weight by then…but I really don’t know what “size” I’ll be. Plus, I believe that dress ships from overseas, so it’ll take a while to receive it. Sigh. Losing weight and buying clothes is hard. Also, the dress is expensive! Tax return money, perhaps? I think I’ll buy it early and then have it altered for the con–last time I had a dress altered, it only cost me about $10.

I did manage to work out yesterday–2 miles!! Woo! Here is my workout schedule this past week:

Wednesday: 60 min zumba at the Y
Thursday: 60 min zumba at the Y
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 2 miles (35 minutes or so, walking DVD at home)
Monday: 60 min zumba at the Y
Tuesday: 30 min zumba at home

That’s a pretty good workout schedule, and earned me 26 activity total. By the end of Tuesday, I’ll have eaten all of my activity points and only ONE of my weekly points! Woohoo…hoping for a loss, as I didn’t do any major weight/strength training this week.

Anyone do anything fun this weekend?

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