Wednesday Weigh-In

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, it’s the dreaded weigh-in of each week. I had been looking forward to this weigh-in as I gained 2.6 lbs last week of what I believe to be a combo of muscle/water weight–and I think that I was mostly right!



Yay, that’s a loss of 2 whole lbs, which puts me at a total loss now of 56 lbs! Woohoo! So I’m not quite down to my lowest weight in this weight loss journey (which was 216.4), but I’m pretty damn close. I’ll take 217 πŸ™‚

I should also mention that since I’ve been tracking my measurements every week since the start of the new year, this week I lost 0.5 inches off my waist and 0.5 inches off my thighs. YAY! Those stupid hips aren’t moving at all, but we’ll get there, slowly but surely!

I didn’t end up doing zumba last night–after work, I had string ensemble from 5:30-7. It is SO HARD to go to a rehearsal after working from 8am-5pm, but I do it so that I can keep my viola chops up. Then, we went straight to my mom and dad’s to watch the series 3 premiere of Sherlock that my mom had DVR’d. It was really good, although I think I need to watch it again as it jumped around a lot and most of the time I was confused about what I was seeing, lol. It was nice to see it again, though! When we got home, it was around 10:30pm, and I was exhausted. I know I could’ve squeezed in 30 minutes but I got in bed and crashed. It seems like it wasn’t a big deal though, since I lost 2 lbs regardless. Next week is TOM week–ugh. Every time I have a good loss or get back to where I was, TOM comes around and ruins everything. Boo. I’m going to stay positive though!

I’ll be doing an hour of zumba again at the Y tonight, tomorrow, and Monday again. Looking forward to it! Hope all my friends out there have a great WI as well. Remember not to define yourself by this number!!

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12 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh-In

  1. Congrats on the weight and inches lost! I love Zumba too, it’s so much fun, the right instructor really makes a world of difference! I’m a part of a local board game meet up group and we get together and play different games once a month. I also play once a month with some girlfriends of mine. πŸ™‚

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