Weekly Weigh-In

Weigh In Wednesday

Well folks, it’s that time of week again:



Look at that, I lost 1.2 lbs this week! I am especially THRILLED with this loss for two reasons:

1. It’s TOM week…’nuff said.
2. I had a lot of temptation facing me in the form of fried chicken @ choir retreat (and pie, and mashed potatoes, and other potatoes, and pop, etc etc)

I was so happy when I stepped on the scale this morning–to actually see the number “–20” on the scale since purchasing it was so awesome. This week, I did the following workout schedule:

Wednesday: 60 minutes zumba toning with light weights
Thursday: 60 minutes zumba
Friday: rest
Saturday: 25 minutes walking/hiking in the snow @ choir retreat
Sunday: 30 minutes zumba
Monday: 60 minutes zumba
Tuesday: 40 minutes zumba

I am incredibly happy with this workout schedule and think that it really works for me. I’m back to zumba toning tonight, so that’ll be fun as usual. I earned about 26 activity points with this schedule, and ate every single one of them. I did not, however, eat a single one of my 49 weekly points. It is getting easier and easier to maintain this point total. It’ll be an adjustment when I lose more weight and thus lose more points, but I know I can handle it. I didn’t go down at all in inches this week, but typically if I have a big loss in lbs, I won’t see the inches move, and vice versa.

I’m now at my lowest weight that I have been this entire weight loss journey. I’m only 5.8 lbs away from that piece of jewelry reward, and only 16.8 lbs away from ONEderland. It is SO happening this year. I can’t wait!

Hope all y’all out there had great weigh-ins today!!

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