Birthday Lunch!

Disclaimer: This post is all. about. food.

So, Patrick took me out to lunch today to celebrate my birthday. We went to the new restaurant in town, Bagger Dave’s–it’s a burger place, and ho-ly cow (pun intended), it was SO DELICIOUS. If you love burgers and are looking to treat yourself, you’ve got to check this place out. I wasn’t feeling a beef burger, so I was hoping that they’d have bison, turkey, or veggie burgers from which I could choose. Before we went, I got online and looked at their menu to figure out how many points lunch would set me back, because I knew I wanted to treat myself.

The cool thing about this place is that you can literally just build your own burger–you pick the meat, bun, and toppings as well as your side. So, when I saw that they had a highly-recommended turkey burger patty, I was sold. I decided that I was going to get a turkey burger on a pretzel bun with pepperjack cheese, bacon, lettuce and bbq sauce. YUM, YUM, YUM! When I looked at their nutrition facts, it looks like the entire burger would be about 14 points. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing at lunch, so I counted on cutting it in half and taking the rest of it home. I also wanted fries (my fave thing eva…and I know you wonder why I am trying to lose weight right?), and a serving of those is 14 points as well. So, I could get 1/2 a burger and 1/2 a serving of fries for lunch for 14 points. Not too shabby for a burger and fries. And just look at this:

Mmmm mmm mmm

Mmmm mmm mmm

Oh my goodness, this burger was so good. The turkey was delicious and filling, and the bacon was super crispy. When I got the food, I immediately asked for a to-go box and put 1/2 of the food in it to take home. I wouldn’t have been able to eat that other half even if I had wanted to, I was so full!

When we had first arrived, we were starving, so we did order an appetizer of their santa fe chicken nachos (I hadn’t planned on this). These were really delicious as well, and I didn’t eat very many–I counted this as about 6 points as it had some big chicken chunks in it:


Yummy! Overall, it was a really delicious, fresh-tasting meal. Bagger Dave’s is a bit on the expensive side if you create your own burger–just a fair warning if you decide to go!

I love being able to eat treats like this without breaking the point-bank, so to speak, and am really proud of myself for how I handled my food choices there. Now I have 1/2 a burger and fries left for dinner!

Tonight we’re going over to Bre and Scott’s for DnD–last night we went to the official Blues Brothers Review concert on the campus where I work w/ my parents as part of my bday. It was a really fun show! I need to do some zumba today before we head over there–but I am still so full! Hopefully I’ll feel a little more up to the task in an hour or so. I did get my new crosstrainers in the mail, so I need to bust them out and try to break them in a little bit before I go to actual zumba class on Monday. I’ll write about them next time I get a chance–have a great Saturday, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Birthday Lunch!

    • Haha, thanks Liz! I wasn’t able to do any zumba on Saturday, but I did quite a bit yesterday and will go to my regular classes (And a NEW class) tonight and tomorrow night–looking forward to it! Thanks for reading!

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