Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been absent–life has been nuts. Also sorry to disappoint, but I did not weigh in today and won’t be weighing in until next week–just wanted to join the linkup again! First of all–we have no heat at our house. We woke up yesterday morning and it was FREEZING, so we looked at the thermostat and it read 60 even though it was set at 70. I didn’t hear the furnace kick on at all while we were getting ready for work, so I called our realty company and told them what it was–turned out the exhaust fan was broken on the furnace and kept tripping the breaker to turn it off. The maintenance man told us that he’d have to order the part and it’d be in on the next day (which is now today). So, we were without heat part of Monday night, all of yesterday and last night, and today until they come back to fix the part. We definitely stayed at my parents house last night-to give you an idea, it was -11 yesterday morning outside with a -30 windchill…no bueno! It was 45 in our place when we left yesterday at 5 PM to go to my parents…yikes!

At any rate, I didn’t weigh in this morning because I was out of my element doing my morning routine before work at my parents, not to mention I was NOT dragging my scale to their house just so I could do my weekly weigh-in. I’m totally ok with this–I recorded my weight on WW online as 211.8, where I was last week, and will record my weight next week when I can actually use my scale. Phew.

I didn’t do as well eating as I would’ve liked this past week, but it WAS my birthday week and all. I’m ready to get back on track this week! (And by not eating as well as I liked, I ate all 25 of my activity points and 39 of my weeklies…oh well!) I also was able to fit in SOME zumba this week, but not as much as I wanted:

Wednesday: 1-mile walking DVD
Thursday: 60 minutes zumba
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 45 min zumba
Monday: 60 min zumba
Tuesday: no heat+shuffling to my parents house= no workout

3 rest days in a week is a lot for me, so this week I’m hoping for:

Wednesday: 60 min zumba toning
Thursday: 30 min zumba
Fri: rest
Sat: 45 min zumba
Sun: 45 min zumba
Mon: 60 min zumba
Tues: 60 min zumba sentao (zumba with a chair)

I’ve never tried zumba sentao, but I want to shake it up a bit. It uses a chair and from what I hear sounds like a good leg, arm, and ab workout using the chair and bodyweight. I am nervous that it’s going to make me really sore and cause me to show a gain in my weigh-in next week–oh well, que sera, sera!

I’m at work 30 min early and I’ve got to get some stuff done. Sorry for the lack of results, but hopefully this heat thing will get fixed soon–it is way too cold outside for anyone to go without heat. Happy Hump Day!

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16 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Great job getting that much exercise in during your birthday week! I wouldn’t worry about gaining with trying a new workout. If you do the same thing over and over at some point you will hit a plateau so mixing it up is great!

    Here from WIW

  2. I totally understand. I live near Atlanta and even though we are only getting ice I didnt have to go to work and it is throwing me off my schedule, all I want to do is watch TV and eat food… I am sure you’ll get back on track once your furnace is fixed

    • Yes, we brought Clara with us. She LOVES the farm because it’s so cozy and she has a huge, I mean..huuuuge, yard to run around in. So it was nice–but it looks like the furnace got fixed, so we’ll go get her after work to take her home again. Yay! PS I cannot WAIT to read your comicon posts!

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