NSV Friday and Shoe Review


Hi all! It’s that time for NSV Friday linkup. I have realized in the past few weeks that I am totally not linking up on the right day for this as everyone else does it on Thursday, but I REALLY like having my NSV post on Friday as it’s (obviously) the best day of the week and I like to have it to focus on the positives and propel me forward in a good direction for the weekend.

With all that being said, my NSV this week is the same as it was either last week or the week before–we had another bday cake at work yesterday, and I didn’t eat ANY of it! I busted out my Yoplait Greek yogurt (which I love, btw) while everyone else was eating it, and I felt totally fine about it. The cake was beautiful, and it’s from the best cake place in town, so it was REALLY hard to say no! I’m proud of myself now for doing that twice this month. It is getting easier and easier!

I also wanted to fire off a quick review of the New Balance Cross trainers that I got–the New Balance Minimus 20v3. I got these shoes for my zumba classes, as my walking shoes were way too heavy and were causing ankle issues with all the lateral motion. First of all, I LOVE the way these shoes look:

shoes 1

shoes 2

shoes 3

They come in several different colors, but this is the only color I could get in my size–I bought a 10 D, which is a wide size. I typically wear 9.5 wide, but I had read multiple reviews of this shoe that suggested getting a 1/2 size up if you want to wear it with socks (which I do). Thus, the pink. But I really like it! These shoes are almost barefoot shoes, but have just a tiny bit of arch support. I have incredibly flat feet, and therefore lots of foot issues when shopping for shoes. I have read lots of conflicing information about cross-training with flat feet–some people say get those insoles for the support, some people say go as close to barefoot as you can to build those arches. Which one do I go with?!! Some of the reviews on Amazon had been written by flat-footed people and were very, very positive, so I decided to go with the latter. I am completely unsure of what my doctor would think about these shoes, and that kind of worries me…however, I’ve used them at zumba 3 times now, and I am totally in love.

First of all, they are so, so light. These things weigh 5.1 ounces!! It is so much easier to jump and move around in zumba than it was with my walking shoes. They provide just enough support for my non-existent arches, but not too much. I am able to really feel the ground, and I think that it’s improving my balance during the workouts. After my first workout, I had a bit of shin and calf pain, which is to be expected when working out in an almost-barefoot shoe with flat feet–but I haven’t experienced any ankle pain, which is a huge welcome change. My calves/shins didn’t hurt at all after my most recent workout.

Overall, I would definitely recommed these shoes, although I know I’m not a medical professional and everyone’s feet are different. But they are a world of difference for my tired feet!

This week has been crazy, crazy, crazy, and this weekend is going to be crazy as well. Tonight is game night (my brother and his girlfriend are coming, should be super fun!) Tomorrow I’m working an event in Indianapolis with my boss, going to a church dinner, and then Sunday we’ll have church and then a big going-away party for Bre since she’ll be at army training for 4 months starting on Tuesday. Ahhhh! But it’s better to be busy, I think.

Hope you all are having a great Friday. Happy Weekend!

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6 thoughts on “NSV Friday and Shoe Review

    • Thanks Des! I really like them too–they are fun to dance in πŸ™‚

      And yeah, I’m already tired thinking about this weekend. And the next. lol. Looking forward to February 28 when I have NO PLANS! πŸ™‚

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