Quick Update

Hello friends!

I have a quick update, as we are still swamped at work. This is the beauty of admissions–it is cyclical, so for the *most* part, you’re doing the same thing at every time of the year. Unfortunately, January to mid-May is basically the busiest, most ridiculously hectic time of the year. phew. I am surviving though!

I am feeling really good about how I’ve been doing for the past two weeks. I’m still adjusting to the 34 points a day instead of 35–for those of you on Weight Watchers, you know what I mean–one point in a day can make a HUGE difference. I have done pretty well though; last week I ate into most of my weekly points (36/49 points were eaten) but this week I did better, eating only 8/49 of my weeklies. As always, I’m eating all of my activity points that I earn with my zumba workouts. I’m not worried about what the scale says on Wednesday, it is what it is. I’m not really anticipating anything in one way or the other, but we’ll just have to see! I didn’t end up doing as much zumba as I wanted this week for various reasons:

Wednesday: 60 minutes zumba toning
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: off (I KNOW! AHHH!)
Sunday: 30 minutes zumba
Monday: 60 minutes zumba
Tuesday: 60 minutes zumba sentao

This earned me 21 activity points–not as many as I usually get. Still glad I got back into it, though!

Disclaimer: I’m ’bout to talk about religion! Don’t read this if you are easily offended or don’t like to talk about this stuff.

Patrick and I have been going to a new church and it is probably one of the most amazing places I’ve found on earth. I grew up pretty conservative and in college became quite liberal. I never thought that Christianity and liberal ideals could go hand in hand, but that’s exactly what this church is. Guess what–I can believe in evolution, and I can also follow the teachings of Jesus. I can be a champion for gay marriage, and I can follow the teachings of Jesus. After all, wasn’t Jesus really the ultimate liberal? I’m sure that that question is extremely controversial and I’m not trying to open a forum for discussion here–I don’t like to talk about these things a lot but I’m really excited about this church and feel the need to share. It really kind of has turned my view of the religion upside down, in a good way. The people are completely amazing and it’s an official Open and Affirming Church through the GLAD council, so there are several same-sex couples there. (It was important for Patrick and me to find a place like this). The reverend is a woman, and several positions of leadership in the church are held by women. I actually look FORWARD to going to church…??? When did that happen? I know there are other Christian churches out there like this, but we just never expected to find one where we live. We were thrilled to find such an open, welcoming, non-judgmental group of people. We’re going to start singing in the choir! Last night we went to buy new Bibles and I found this pretty one:

They even engraved my name on it at the store!

They even engraved my name on it at the store!

At any rate, that’s kind of my eye-opening moment for the week. I can’t wait to go to church choir rehearsal tomorrow night.

Looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow, no matter the results! Two weeks is a long time to go without stepping on the scale!

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