Tea is for Thursday

It’s almost the weekend! Yay!

I had a really nice night last night; we went to choir practice (which was awesome) and then came home where I walked a quick mile and then proceeded to use my new birthday gift from Patrick that came in the mail last night:

front of mug

infuser in mug

lid on mug

This is called “the perfect mug” and comes from David’s Tea (www.davidstea.com). It’s one of their “nordic” designs, which I LOVE. The infuser that it comes with is totally awesome and has a lid to keep the tea warm!! Look at the awesome, yummy tea that Patrick got for me to go with:

tea tin

YUM. I am sipping on it right now at work in my thermos! I really love this mug and this tea. I didn’t drink this tea last night when we got home because it has caffeine; instead, I tried the “pure organic vanilla” sample that David’s sent with this package. (If you are a tea drinker and don’t know David’s–check it out NOW. It is amazing, and they send 3 samples of tea with whatever you have bought in the mail. I love it!) The pure organic vanilla was good, but I like this salted caramel better. It is so yummy!

At any rate, I just wanted to share the good news of David’s Tea and publicly thank Patrick for being the awesomest most bestest hubby ever and for getting me the best bday gift ever! (He also got me a new cute hat and pair of gloves, which I desperately needed.) At any rate, hope you all are having a great day…looking forward to NSV Friday!

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4 thoughts on “Tea is for Thursday

    • Hahah thanks! I think they sell just plain mugs too at David’s Tea..they also sell a “milk frother” for like $20 that you can use to make lattes…that is TOTALLY on my list of things I want!

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