Quick Weekend Update

Uggggh Mondays SUCK.

At any rate, we had a great weekend to ourselves in Cincinnati, our old stomping grounds (where I got my master’s degree). I forgot to upload my pics last night, and as I don’t get internet on my phone at work –don’t ask, I have no idea why my data won’t work here– I can’t put the pics on the blog.

On Saturday, I ran a regional event in Cincinnati for admitted students as it’s in my territory–I had a free Marriott hotel stay as part of my rewards points, so Patrick came along and we stayed there for the weekend. We ate SO. MUCH. AMAZING. FOOD. I mean seriously. Delicious German food, beer, Graeters (best ice cream EVA), and the “gravy train” brunch at one of our fave food spots. More to come tomorrow on this–I don’t feel guilty for indulging one bit, as I saved up all my activity points for this weekend (23 points) and have managed to only eat FOUR of my weekly 49 points! Woo! Considering what I ate, I consider that quite an accomplishment.

Tomorrow is my new weigh-in day; I’m not expecting a loss, and I may possibly gain…it’s TOM week again. Get excited for tomorrow’s post, which will be all about food. Yum. šŸ™‚


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