NSV Friday


Greetings, friends, and HAPPY FRIDAY! I for one am THRILLED that it’s the weekend. I have literally nothing planned this weekend, and that’s exactly how I want it (other than church on Sunday morning and Walking Dead @ Scott/Bre’s on Sunday night). That’s right, I’ll be watching The Walking Dead instead of the Oscars. I really could care less about those, although I do love me some Ellen DeGeneres.

I have a couple of NSV’s this week: number one is that we have our last bday cake in our office today, and I fully intend on not eating any. I made a point-heavy but DELICIOUS looking fried ice cream dessert for game night tonight, and I’m saving my points for that. Oh my word it looks so yummy!

My second is that (sorry to my lovely hubby in advance, you know that I don’t care about these dudes but it’s still a NSV–if you’re reading, keep reading :)) I’ve noticed guys actually starting to check me out. I’m sorry, um, what?! I don’t ever remember a time when that has happened. Other than my awesome husband, who checks me out on a daily basis. I know we’re not supposed to define our self-worth by what other people think, etc etc and I truly don’t, but ain’t nobody gonna argue with me that it feels good to be checked out at a bar after years of enduring people calling you “wide load,” or girls sniggering behind your back, or people saying, “she has such a pretty face…she’d be sooooo pretty if she lost some weight,” etc etc. Yeah, that’s right, it feels pretty damn good–feel free to call me shallow, but it is what it is.

With ALL of that being said, I’d like to dedicate this post to my wonderful husband Patrick. He has put up with me throughout this (almost year-long!) journey thus far, and will put up with me for as long as it takes me to shed the extra pounds. He loved me for who I was before I lost 60 lbs, and he loves me now. My weight was never a barrier for him as to my attractiveness, and for that, I love him all the more. Thank you, my love, for being there for me through thick (lolz) and thin (coming soon.) I love you!

Cheers to us!

Cheers to us!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! We are supposed to get more bad weather (insert angry curse words of choice here). Peace!

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4 thoughts on “NSV Friday

    • I like the Oscars usually, but this year I’m totally not feeling it. I don’t even think I’ve seen a single one of the nominated movies. I always root for JLaw though because I’m in love with her!

  1. Ellen is the only reason I would watch the Oscars this year. It’s getting pushed aside for me though because of The Walking Dead and the Pacers game! So not looking forward to this weather either!

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