NSV Thursday


OK y’all, so I am biting the bullet and actually linking up with KTJ on the for real day of the linkup instead of Friday. I think I want to start linking up with Ash for the “5 on Friday” posts–I love love love these blog linkups because they really present me with new blogs to read/follow almost every week, and I love that! So, without any further ado, here is my NSV this week:


Yup, those are my wedding rings..and yup, they’re on my middle finger. I have been having to exclusively wear these on my middle finger now instead of my ring finger for a couple of weeks-they are TOO BIG to fit on my ring finger and keep falling off! My engagement ring was my great-aunts and is incredibly beautiful and valuable, so believe me…I am NOT possibly losing it because it keeps falling off my finger!

This is really exciting for me–I must’ve gone down at least 1 or 2 ring sizes after losing 63 pounds, and now I’m seeing it! It is so cray. I will have to have them re-sized after losing all the weight that I want to. Woohoo!

I had another victory with pants this week (lol) but forgot to take pics, so I’ll save that for next week. I’m just happy that I even have two NSV’s to choose from. What are your NSV’s this week?

It’s getting closer to the weekend…:)

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11 thoughts on “NSV Thursday

  1. HA! I’m a middle finger wedding ring wearer too! I told Chris that he just needs to buy me a new one or else I’ll have to wear mine around my neck like Frodo (which is especially ironic since our wedding rings are the actual “One Ring” – but I don’t turn evil nor do I go invisible…)

    • Omg! First–love that that is your wedding ring!!! Glad it’s not the real ring…you’d have Black Riders outside your door and all that nasty crap…

      That’s so funny that your a middle finger wearer too! Patrick wears his around his neck because he can’t have it on working around car engines and all that stuff.

  2. I love your NSV about your ring! When I got married I actually had to exchange my ring for a bigger size…the fact that it’s loose makes me happy every day! Great NSV, keep up the good work!

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