Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am so sorry for the hiatus–I have been sicky sick and was also out of town in Fort Wayne on Monday and yesterday for college fairs. Needless to say, those were not fun experiences, plus my hotel didn’t have hot water in the shower. It was AWESOME. At any rate, here it is:



Up 0.8 lbs. Actually, I was surprised it wasn’t more…I have zero excuses for this week’s gain, and can explain it with three words: pie, cake, pizza. lolz. Also, I only got 15 activity points between me being sick and having weird atypical weeknight commitments that kept me from working out. Usually I can maintain control when I travel, but the fact that I’m sick on top of it really sucks. I did only eat my daily points and my activity points, so that was good and for that I’m proud of myself, but pie and pizza and cake are pie and pizza and cake, lol. At least it’s only 0.8 lbs; going to dust myself off and pick myself back up! At this point in my journey, I really have learned to not let a small gain get me down. I’ve lost 62 lbs, for goodness sake…I can lose that 0.8 lb again!

I’m going to the health center at work today to see if I can get some drugs. Ugh. I wish I could say this week would be normal too, but I’m going on another work travel trip this Saturday and Sunday. It will be all I can do to not just stay in my hotel room and get take out and sleep if I still don’t feel well! I’m going to try to force myself to do a quick mile walking DVD tonight and maybe if I get drugs today I will feel well enough for 30 min of zumba at the Y tomorrow night…we’ll see!

Here’s to me feeling better soon and all ya’ll out there who are also weighing in today–I hope you have a great weigh in!

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10 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

    • Omg I TOTALLY NEED A “DOCTOR” . We are ob-freakin’-sessed. Thanks Des! I don’t really count it as a gain in my mind, because I don’t have to move my marble counters from one jar to another unless it’s a full pound. Phew!

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